Parents in prison due to lack of nutrition of your child is threatening

Because of the strict vegan diet of his daughter, one of the parents must reckon some from Australia, with a prison sentence. The girl was developed with more than one and a half years, so far as normal infants at the age of three months, as the Australian news Agency AAP reported on Thursday a court in Sydney. According to witnesses, there had been 19 months still no teeth and weighed five kilograms.

Father and mother – whose age must not be named for legal reasons, now faces up to five years in prison, because they put the health of their daughter. From documents, it emerges that the Baby was fed with oatmeal, potatoes, rice, Tofu, bread, peanut butter and rice milk. In addition, it’s got fruit and raisins.

The condition of the child fell first, as it had to be in may of 2018 with a shaking seizure to the hospital. It was then given to a foster mother and under medical control. Previously, the child had not been used since its birth to the doctor. In the meantime, the girl is almost three years old, but it is only as big as a one-Year. It has gained a lot of weight. “It is as if your body is calorie-stores – in case you need them again in the future,” said the foster mother.

When a vegan diet harms children

Problematic a vegan diet is not especially, if the Concerned to ensure adequate Vitamin B12 intake. Already nursing mothers can give this deficiency to their babies. There are a number of cases where infants have had by a lack of Vitamin B12, significant development delays, or in combination with a low iron level to severe anemia suffered from it.

Even if children begin to eat solid food, you need to include in a vegan diet in addition to Vitamin B12. Sporadic cases were documented in which children were strictly fed a vegan and not a necessary add-on products received, have died as a result of this malnutrition. In 2004 about one of the parents was convicted of a couple in Paderborn after the death of his 16-month-old son.

Some international organizations such as the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – represented, nevertheless, the Position that a vegan diet can be in all age groups including pregnancy and lactation as appropriate. However, not all the make your statement on the assumption that the diet is well-planned and nutrient supplements, and specific nutrient-enriched foods.

In Germany, the network a rating of Healthy life network young families, a vegan diet is considered to be unsuitable for Pregnant women, infants and young children. Also the German society for nutrition (DGE) advises against.