Corinne is HIV-positive friends and colleagues have responded to your Outing

Corinne is crying. It is farewell tears. The 23-Year-old leaves her home in Fuerteventura and sitting in a Bus. A moment ago you said goodbye to your friends. She stares out the window while tears run over her cheeks. The farewell was difficult for her. After high school, she lived for four years on the Spanish island and in a holiday club, worked in the child care, then in the office. She met new friends and her first love. But now she wants to re-position themselves – both professionally and privately. Corinne is like so many young people in their age, must first learn to find their own way.

But Corinne is different – at least a little bit. The 23-Year-old is HIV-positive. Probably she’s already at her birth with the virus. As Corinne is six years old, her mother died of Aids. The young girl moves from foster family to foster family before ending up in Bavaria near the lake Chiemsee a loving home. There, Corinne grows up, cared for, protected. But no one should know of the virus in your body is the fear of exclusion. With 18 years the young woman to go Public decides. In the ZDF-documentary “no one can know” breaks 2015 your Silence. (The star reported)

Fear of being alone

Then Corinne said: “The worst thing about the disease is actually not the fact that I could possibly die, but simply the fact that if I say it to someone, then at some point am not alone.”

Five years have passed since your Outing. Here is the current documentation uses “I’m living positive, Corinne, and their fate HIV”, the broadcasting of the ZDF this evening. Have come true Corrine’s Fears? And how friends, work colleagues and later, your friend react to the news that she is HIV-positive?

After graduation, Corinne moved to Fuerteventura and begins to work in a holiday club. It is now open with its former secret and told their employer of the illness, even if they are not obliged to actually. The head of the club is behind Corinne, to inform its employees and establish a Hotline for worried guests – a pure security measure. Corinne takes a medication that the virus load in the blood is so strong that there is no risk of Contagion. The treatment of HIV has made in the last few years a lot of progress. The outbreak of Aids, the end stage of the disease, not to come.

However, the Outing does not solve all problems: Some employees fear of strangers with Corinne’s art. at times, the young woman feels like an outsider. The changes, as Corinne Alexis gets to know, her first love. The young Spaniard working as a bartender. “I like that she is a good person,” says the 25-Year-old. “She is always themselves.”

Trust and responsibility

The camera is, as the two kiss on the beach, fooling around and in bed cuddling. Corinne is estimated to Alexis, that he trusted her and not afraid of a contagion. “This is of course a nice feeling,” says Corinne. A risk of Contagion only when the virus in your blood out of hand and the two unprotected Sex or blood contact.

The young woman also knows what responsibility she has for the health of your friend. You must take your medication regularly. The two sleep together. The Safer Sex Corinne Alexis can’t be infected.

On the island of Fuerteventura, Corinne has come to know the young Spanish bartender Alexis and in love with him. Alexis is her first love.

There are these moments in the documentary, which can almost forget that Corinne is sick. Filmmaker Maike Conway, shows a young woman who likes to party on the dance floor singing along, and maybe a bit too much Cola drinks. HIV was, what?

There are moments that you must show this documentation. Because they correspond to the reality of life of many HIV-Infected and prevent prejudice. “I’m living positive,” a very important message against stigma and awesome Fears. Modern medicines allow people with HIV an almost normal life, even if the disease is curable today.

Corinne’s their life not of the virus in your body dictate. She makes plans for the future and begins shortly after your departure, in Fuerteventura, an apprenticeship as a hotel specialist in Germany. In retrospect, she says, you’ve done “everything right”.

“I live positively – Corinne and her fate of HIV,” runs tonight at 22.15 clock in the ZDF. The consequence of it is already in the ZDF Mediathek. Click here to see the show.