Dr. Ruth Pfau: the mother of the lepers would now become 90 years old

The Leipzigerin Ruth peacock landed in 1960, rather happened to be in Pakistan, and remained for almost 60 years. She was 29 and really wanted to travel to India. In the Pakistani port city of Karachi, however, there were problems with her visa. She had to stop and met in a local slum for the first Time, people who were suffering from leprosy – a chronic infectious disease which attacks skin and nerves.

In a shack, they treated the Sufferers. Later on, this was rebuilt using donations from Europe to a hospital. In 1979, Ruth peacock, a consultant for the government, it was stated on the Website of your Foundation. In 1988 she was made an honorary citizen.

Dr. Ruth Pfau saved around 50,000 lives

More than 50,000 leprosy patients were saved thanks to their work. Leprosy is regarded in Pakistan as a largely defeated. Peacock was the first that dared the disease to combat it. For her work she was awarded several awards, among them the Bambi as a “silent heroine”.

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