Sticky eyes – symptoms, causes and treatment

Sticky eye usually eye inflammation close. It can skin an inflammation of the conjunctiva or of the edge of eyelid action. An inflammation of the cornea, however, is not with this Symptom.

Table of contents

  • Home remedies for conjunctivitis
  • Home remedies for eyelid inflammation
  • How to prevent sticky eyes?
  • When to see a doctor?

Sticky Eyes – An Overview

  • The course stuck eyes are not a disease, but a Symptom of various diseases. These can be both infectious and non-infectious.
  • The reasons can be the flu, conjunctivitis, eyelid inflammation or Eye.
  • Since potentially serious diseases, you should consult with eyes taped eye doctor or an eye doctor.

Inflammation of the eyes

The eyes are exposed to Stimuli from the environment directly, whether it is dust, germs or intense light. The eye protects itself reflexively, by shutting the eyelids, as soon as a foreign body in his vicinity. Penetration of particles is removed the eye with the tear fluid. These protection mechanisms are not sufficient, ignites the eye: It burns, it cries, reddens, swells and eyelids glue, which will See difficult.


A conjunctivitis is the most common inflammation of the eye and thus also the most common cause of sticky eyes. It can be caused either by viruses and bacteria, or by external stimuli such as dust or drafts. Another possible cause is allergies.

Eyelid margin inflammation

This Form of inflammation is often called Blepharitis. Typical symptoms are strong eyelashes eye redness and sticky Eye. Cause of this infections are often. As a result of infection in the sebum production is disturbed, the glands of the inner side of the eyelids. The Meibomian clogged by the inflammation of the glands, a so-called hailstone. The glands become inflamed the eyelid, forming what is called a stye. The cause of this is bacterial in origin, which makes this Form of inflammation of the eyes is contagious.

We can distinguish the anterior Blepharitis that affects the outer border of the eyelids, posterior Blepharitis, which affects the inner eyelids. For anterior Blepharitis staphylococcal are mostly responsible. Posterior Blepharitis is formed, however, by a malfunction of the Meibomian glands. Typical is the Secretion of the thickened, and both forms frequently occur at the same time.

Eye flu

This is a viral disease, which is caused by adenoviruses and is highly contagious. Mainly affects children and young adults who contract the infection are often during a cold.

Conjunctivitis – Symptoms

  • The eyelids are particularly glued together in the Morning and swollen – triggered by Muco-purulent secretions,
  • strong redness of the eyes,
  • the eyes burn and itch,
  • increased tear formation,
  • it feels as if a foreign body in the eye, which is not the case.

Lid Margin Inflammation – Symptoms

  • The eyes are glued to lashes,
  • the conjunctiva is reddened skin,
  • the eyes of tears,
  • the rims of the eyelids are swollen and reddened,
  • the eyelids are scaly,
  • the eyelashes fall out,
  • severe pain, itching and Burning in the eye,
  • the light sensitivity is increased,
  • vision varies greatly.


The treatment of the specific inflammation of the eyes depends on the specific cause. In the case of a bacterial-induced conjunctivitis the doctors antibiotics as eye drops and Eye ointments. A the addition of liquid is wet keeps the eyes and reduces the pain. In the case of viruses, however, the symptoms can only be relieve.

In the case of a lid margin inflammation, it is helpful to clean the eyelids consistently and several times a day. In order to combat the inflammation, Doctors prescribe usually antibiotics. For eye flu, however, there is no treatment, which helps against the adenoviruses. However, to relieve the pain, moisturises the eye with eye drops. In order to prevent spreading the virus to Affected to wash your hands regularly, and a private towel and a washing cloth.

Blepharitis treat

A Blepharitis is chronic and will not heal. Doctors can only alleviate the symptoms. It is very important to run a thorough eyelid hygiene. Broad-spectrum antibiotics, such as Chloramphenicol or fusidic acid, promise a prospect of success, if staphylococci are the trigger for the inflammation. If thickened, the Meibomian Secretions verstoft glands, try Doctors to liquefy the Secretions by means of compresses and massage and Express. It is a chronic malfunction of the Meibomian glands, it is recommended that a six-week therapy with Tetracycline.

Home remedies for conjunctivitis

Insert home remedies only to Supplement, and never without consultation with your eye doctor, since some of the “old home remedies” inflammation can aggravate the symptoms of eye even. So the chamomile is, for example, when Brewing hairs into the water, which in the case of a conjunctivitis charms are pre-programmed. Helpful, however, tea with eyebright or Calendula. Soak a cloth in the tea and place it on the eyes. Furthermore, constraints from Quark, since the cooling alleviates the end effect of the pain and inflammation of the conjunctiva inflammation inhibits.

Home remedies for eyelid inflammation

To liquefy the Secretions, you can put a wet warm washcloth for a few minutes on the sore eye. A further possibility is to soak a cotton pad in a surfactant-free and skin-compatible substance, which you then gently on the upper eyelid, from the top to the bottom – of the lower eyelid from the bottom to the top.

Chronic Eye Inflammation

Eye inflammation can become chronic. Bacteria or viruses trigger the inflammation to be over only when the causes are eliminated. To note is also that the basis of disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis can cause inflammation of the eyes. An Allergy is the trigger for conjunctivitis, there is the danger that they can become chronic. In the case of a lid margin inflammation this is the case, when the functions of the Meibomian glands sustainably are damaged.

How to prevent sticky eyes?

The best remedy for eyes regular care of the eyes and the withdrawal of negative Stimuli are inflammation. You pay increased attention to the eyes from smoke, chemicals, dust, debris, drafts, and UV rays protected. In order to protect the eyes from dangerous UV-A and UV – B rays Wearing a suitable sunglasses is recommended. You should work on the Laptop, it is recommended to rest your eyes every hour for a five minute break and massage the eyes with gentle pressure. Make sure that your eyes have as little contact with your fingers, which should be washed in each case thoroughly. You let your eyes regularly by an eye doctor, because untreated vision problems can strengthen, as well as fake Glasses, a conjunctival inflammation trigger. You do not share your towels, pillows, eye drops, or wash cloths with other people, since germs can in this way easily transmitted.

When to see a doctor?

Your eyes should be glued, is the cause of this is usually a serious disease, so you should promptly consult an ophthalmologist or eye doctor.

Eye hygiene for the patient

  • Place once a day, warm compresses for ten minutes on the closed eyes, so that the Secretions liquefied.
  • Clean the eye rims with a water-diluted baby shampoo or in the case of a lid margin inflammation.

(Dr. Utz Anhalt)