Drew Barrymore's Daughters 'Love' Ever After and 50 First Dates: 'They Call It a "Mom Movie" '

Drew Barrymore‘s daughters might just be the biggest fans of her work.

The Santa Clarita Diet star stopped by Good Morning America on Monday to discuss the newest season of her hit Netflix zombie comedy, as well as dish on which of her projects appeal more to the taste of her two girls: Frankie, 5 this month, and Olive, 6½.

“They love Ever After, 50 First Dates — and it’s weird, if anyone comes over and my movie’s playing I’m like, ‘I swear to God, I’m not that [egotistical] jerk that’s like, “Here, kids, we’re watching [my films],” ‘ ” joked Barrymore, 44.

“But they call it a ‘mom movie’ and they just enjoy watching it, and I’m proud of who I am and what I’ve done and especially the messages,” she added of her storied film-role history. “I made them exactly for what young girls and boys feel. We’re all just trying to find love, be kind and kick some ass here and there.”

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Michael Strahan then asked the star the million-dollar question that was likely on many an audience member’s mind: Have the girls seen the film that launched her into stardom, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial?

“They’ve seen E.T., yeah … Olive hasn’t really gravitated toward it as much as I would’ve thought so far, but I think she’ll get back into it,” Barrymore revealed, sharing of a different ’80s fantasy flick Olive is more a fan of at the moment, “She loves The Goonies.”

The girls are admittedly not the target audience for the at-times bloody (albeit hilarious) Santa Clarita Diet, though — and in fact, Olive needed a bit of a talk-down during one scene of the most recent season when she was spending time on set and her mom got fake-stabbed with a fork.

“Olive was there that day and she didn’t like that. I was like, ‘No, look, it’s fake!’ ” Barrymore recounted.

As far as whether Olive will follow in her mom’s footsteps in the entertainment industry, Barrymore said her older daughter gave her a pretty clear answer during a recent occasion when they were making cupcakes and watching Turner Classic Movies and Olive’s great-grandfather, John Barrymore, came onscreen.

“I just said, ‘You get to do whatever you want to do’ and she goes, ‘I want to be an actress.’ And I said, ‘Okay, cool,’ and then she goes, ‘But I also need to be a policewoman,’ ” Barrymore recalled. “I was like, ‘I love you so much!’ “

Season 3 of Santa Clarita Diet, also starring Timothy Olyphant, is streaming now on Netflix.

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