A variety of symptoms: Why rheumatism in children is particularly treacherous

Rheumatism in children is particularly treacherous

According to health experts, around one and a half million Germans suffer from rheumatism. The disease onset is at any age, mostly between the age of 40. and 50. Years of age. However, rheumatism is also true many children. Health experts explain why the disease is especially treacherous.

Not only adults suffer from rheumatism

“1.5 million people – two percent of the adult population suffer from inflammatory rheumatic diseases”, writes the German society for rheumatology (DGRh) on your website. Although most of the people in rheumatism of seniors think, but even children can suffer from them. In Germany alone, approximately 20,000 children and young people suffer from the pain of joint inflammation. In the case of the small the disease is particularly insidious.

Not only adults, also children and young people can suffer from rheumatism. With the right therapy and early initiation of treatment good chances of bringing the disease to the rest. (Image: utah778/fotolia.com)

Symptoms suggest that in children difficult to

How the health insurance company Barmer writes in a message, are diagnosed each year, approximately 1,500 children in Germany in articular rheumatism.

The symptoms of rheumatism in children, however, are difficult to interpret.

“Small children are not able to Express rheumatic complaints yet clear, and rather through changes in behaviour,” says Dr. Ursula Marschall, senior Physician at Barmer.

“The child does not want to get up in the morning, is often in a bad mood, less productive, or no longer wants to run itself,” explains the expert.

If the pain in joints, warm feel, and the child no longer wanted to burden you, parents should consult the child’s doctor.

The body’s own immune system is directed against the synovial membrane

Articular rheumatism in children and adolescents, to by doctors as Juvenile idiopathic Arthritis (JIA), is due to a disorder of the autoimmune system.

The body’s immune system directed against the joint lining, leading to inflammation. In a result, more joint will be formed liquid, and the joint threshold.

But JIA could Express itself in addition, also in various organs, for example eyes, kidneys, or skin.

“Is not treated the disease can damage to the affected joint gradually, and poor posture, growth retardation and muscle wasting result,” explains Marshal.

But with the right therapy and early initiation of therapy, there were good chances of bringing the disease to the rest.

The treatment should take place across all departments and, in addition to medicines, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Alternative treatment methods are gentle

In addition, alternative treatment methods such as the radon and thermal therapy can provide warm healing patients relief.

Generally, natural remedies appear as a tempting Alternative. They are usually accompanied not only gentle, but also less or no side effects.

To heal rheumatism is not, however, yet. (ad)