Arnold Schwarzenegger and LeBron Have the Weirdest Gym Feud

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When you’re in the gym, it’s typically best to keep a low profile for the sake of everyone around you. That’s just common courtesy, and some people can be prone to overreacting if they feel you’ve broken some unspoken protocol.

If you were to find yourself lifting in the same space as Arnold Schwarzenegger, the very last thing you’d want to do would be to draw any negative attention to yourself. That’s a bodybuilding legend over there (not to mention the Terminator and Conan the Barbarian). No matter how friendly he is on social media and at his many events, the intimidation factor is still through the roof.

The weight room jabroni in the latest spot for Schwarzenegger’s new supplement company certainly didn’t get that memo—which leads to one of the most ridiculous fitness-focused ads we’ve seen. After Schwarzenegger has enough of the bro yammering on his phone through an move we can only attempt to call one-foot elevated pulldowns (?), the Governator pumps up the music before he can get back to his set on the bench press.

Cue LeBron pumping through barbell curls—and, strangely enough, his own personal hype man DJ Khaled, complete with a DJ booth. After they cut the track for some generically motivating beats, Schwarzenegger takes matters into his own hands.

Using some magic app unavailable to mere mortals, Schwarzenegger summons a full polka band (complete with traditional Bavarian garb) to change the soundtrack. The only thing missing is a record scratch. If you were wondering if Arnold’s still got some of his old bodybuilding tricks, never fear—we get to see his pecs dance along to the beat. If you can pull off that move in a gym playlist feud, you have an automatic checkmate.

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