Berlin: Every third Apple juice by drops in the Test

Apple juice spritzers are considered to be healthy thirst-quencher – and around one third will fail in the Test. Almost all of the ready-to-spritzers are a cause for criticism, is the conclusion of the Stiftung Warentest.

The consumer advocates have examined 24 spritzers, 7 of which received the grade “inadequate” (“test”output 4/2019). With many providers, there is not enough, therefore, to the juice quality: Time, he has too little flavor, the juice comes from spoiled or unripe Apples. Or the testers are disturbed by improper processing. Even if at the expensive of an ingredient “natural flavor” is saved, which leads to point deduction.

Of the studied spritzers only creates a good overall verdict: Wiesgart of Aldi Nord. With 39 cents per Liter of the drink with Apple juice from concentrate was one of the cheapest in the Test. In the taste the nature scored a cloudy Bioschorle supplies juice for three euros per litre for the top grade. The testers complained about, however, is a confusing label, the taste winner came at the end only on a “Satisfactory”.

The testers recommend, ready to drink spritzers, and a reference to the German society for nutrition. It would be better to mix them yourself to save, especially to sugar. Because in half a Liter of finished juice up to nine sugar cubes stuck still.

Nutritionist Monika Bischoff from the centre for nutritional medicine and prevention in Munich advises, to mix a good Apple juice on 100 ml of no more than 45 calories with water in a ratio of 1:3. “So you have a good isotonic fluid. Their particles have the same composition as blood plasma and are absorbed by the body quickly,“ explains Bischoff the advantage of Apple juice. The scientist has a tip as an alternative thirst-quencher, especially in the case of sporting activities: “alcohol-free wheat beer is isotonic, has even less calories than Apples, and more B-vitamins.”

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