Callback on net

The guaranteed minimum shelf life of the product in question is the 24. April 2019. On the label of the 25. May 2019. The fresh company GmbH therefore recommends that the "Take Away" Sandwich "Ham & Gouda" according to the 24. To eat April.

Net took the affected items immediately from the sale. Customers get the price without presentation of the receipt in the net markets refunded. Other varieties of the "Take Away" Sandwich are not affected.

The fresh company GmbH has for more the consumer questions set up a free Hotline (0800-2000015) (mon to Sat, 6 to 22.30).

*The contribution of “wrong date of minimum durability in the case of a Sandwich” comes from Wizelife. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.