Cannabis improves the Motivation for sports and the subsequent Regeneration

Fit together Cannabis and Sport?

The consumption of marijuana makes you tired and unmotivated, at least the widespread prejudices say. Researchers found, however, that eight out of ten users of marijuana from States in the United States, in which the use of Cannabis is legal to consume shortly before or after the athletic Training Cannabis. Most of these users report that by the use of your Motivation for Training increases, the joy of motion increased and Regeneration is improved.

In a recent study by the University of Colorado Boulder, it was found that the majority of the consumers of marijuana, the use is more motivated to play sports and also enhances the Regeneration. The results of the study were published in the English scientific journal “Frontiers in Public Health”.

How does the consumption of marijuana on our Motivation for Sport and exercise? (Image: rgbspace/

Cannabis use impedes physical activity?

This was one of the first studies, which investigated the links between cannabis use and physical activity. While many people have assumed that consumption hampers the physical activity, the data show a different result. “There is a stereotype that cannabis leads to consumption, people are lazy in bed and not physically active, but the data suggest that this is not the case ist“, the author of the Study Professor Angela Bryan explains in a press release from the University of Colorado Boulder. She stresses, however, that it recommends the use of Cannabis as a tool for Training.

More and more people with obesity due to marijuana?

Marijuana is now approved in ten States for the use and recreation, and in dozens of medicines. However, little is known about how the increasing acceptance in the field of public health, for example, on physical activity and obesity can have an impact. Some people have already speculated that increased use of marijuana could exacerbate the epidemic of obesity, by the consumption of movement, promotes lack.

Marijuana in sports?

The consumption of Cannabis is forbidden to fight betting in sports, because the use may improve the efficiency. Supposedly, marijuana use so-called ultra runner sometimes, in order to combat Nausea and boredom on long journeys. Epidemiological studies have shown that consumers of Cannabis tend to be leaner and less prone to Diabetes. In addition, you will also have healthier blood sugar values.

The study involved 600 consumers took part

In a first step, the researchers surveyed which 600 adult Cannabis users in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. One of the questions was whether they used Cannabis within one hour before or four hours after the Training. Eighty-two percent of Participants answered this question with a Yes. A follow-up question found that the majority of people, marijuana is used more frequently after Training. 67 percent of consumers indicated that they used marijuana before and after the Training, and 70 percent of the respondents said that the use increase your joy of movement. 78 percent said that consumption stimulates the Regeneration, and 52 percent claimed that marijuana enhanced their Motivation.

Consumers were more

Only 38 percent of the Participants stated that the consumption of increased performance. In fact, in the past have shown some small-scale studies, that the performance decreases by the consumer may be more likely. Marijuana users moved per week for about 43 minutes more, compared with non-users, people.

What is the influence of Cannabis, the physical activity physiologically?

“There is evidence that certain cannabinoids attenuate the perception of pain, and we also know that the receptors that the Cannabis binds to in the brain, the receptors are very similar, which is activated in a natural way during the highs of the runners werden“, study author Arielle Gillman says. Theoretically, you could imagine that people stay motivated, if pain is relieved, and an artificial so-called Runner’s is triggered High, adds the expert. In addition, Cannabis is anti-inflammatory, which can help support your recovery after Sport. The authors indicate that the survey is restricted, because only persons were examined who regularly consume Cannabis and States of concentrated Cannabis have already legalized. Further research on this topic is carried out at the University of Colorado Boulder already. (as)