Chris Kamara opens up on ‘challenging’ health issue – ‘I thought I was invincible’

Chris Kamara discusses his underactive thyroid diagnosis

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The football pundit has revealed he struggled with mental health after he was diagnosed with an under active thyroid earlier this year. The 63-year-old, has urged fans to speak up about any mental health struggles they might be contending with, warning them not to suffer in silence. Chris had previously told how he underwent a brain scan after suffering brain fog, fearing his symptoms may have been linked to dementia.

Chris first raised his concerns over his health in March during a conversation with fellow pundit Gary Lineker, explaining: “There are loads of things I can track and I’m thinking ‘what’s going on?’

“I’m suffering with a swollen tongue which causes you to slur our words, slows down, not your thoughts because they are there, but transferring those thoughts to the mouth to get you to talk coherently”

Kamara went on to explain that further blood tests revealed he had an under active thyroid, which affects about two percent of the UK population. 

Describing his symptoms, he complained about “feeling cold”, adding: “Even warm days you’re shivering and cold, weakness, muscle fatigue, tiredness.”

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