Christmas miracle in the USA: brain tumor in 11-year-old suddenly disappeared

It is a true Christmas miracle: The 11-year-old Roxli Doss was terminally ill. A in your brain wuchender Tumor to be the reason. But of this there is no trace now. The Doctors can’t explain the healing, but the parents are sure of one thing: “God has healed Roxli!”

In June Doss from the U.S. state of Texas collapsed for the family of a world: the Case of the 11-year-old Roxli DIPG (Diffueses intrinsic Pontine glioma) was diagnosed, reported USA TODAY. In DIPG is a brain tumor, which proliferates in the brain stem, Thalamus or in the spinal cord. This occurs mainly in children. Only two percent of affected children survive the next five years.

For Roxli the diagnosis had meant the death sentence. But just six months later there is no trace of the Tumor. Dr. Virginia Harrod and his colleagues from the children’s hospital in Austin (Texas) standing in front of a puzzle. “DIPG is a very rare, but when it occurs, it is a reverential disease. You lose the ability to swallow, sometimes, loss of vision, the ability to swallow, finally breathing.“

The Doctors have no explanation – the parents

A healing thought, the Doctors, in spite of radiation therapy is out of the question. Can’t explain the sudden recovery of a young girl. The parents, Gena and Scott Doss, however: “still, we say it every day: Our family believes that God Roxli has healed.” Roxli will remain in spite of the miracle of healing in the treatment and immunotherapy finish.

At GoFundMe, the family had started after the diagnosis of a call for donations for the medical treatment of their daughter. Here, too, everybody was happy about the Christmas miracle. “God has done a miracle for this little girl. Merry Christmas,“ wrote a User. “I hope you live a full and meaningful life, now that you of this disease were cured. A spontaneous cure is possible. Whatever the reason, I’m really excited for these incredible Christmas blessing,“ reads another comment.

German researchers expressed concern

But if everyone is happy scary for the little girl and his family, there are concerns. Dr. Alexander Beck, one of the researchers in Munich to DIPG, is preoccupied with the Belief in the miraculous healing, reported the “Bild”newspaper. Dr. Beck explained that the tumors diagnosed in the brain stem with a nuclear-spin tomography of the head.

Children want to additional harm and therefore does not use the abstraction, often in a tissue, called a biopsy. Also Roxli such an investigation has not been undertaken. If it is not today, “the only way [] to stellen&quot a reliable diagnosis;. “It may be, therefore, that the girl suffers from a malignant Diffuse intrinsic Pontine glioma (DIPG), but on a benign brain stem tumor that has responded well to the radiation. In DIPG, several cases are now known in which the tumour is first pushed back (NED, no evident disease), and then some years later re-occurred. These are the two percent of the children in the statistics, the life is more than five years after diagnosis,“ Dr. Beck to consider.

But also, he hopes that he, and the statistics are wrong. “I don’t wish the girl from Texas, of course, with all my heart that the Tumor is returning,” he said finally.