Detoxification – But without a healing crisis

Table of contents

  • Crises during the detoxification
  • The worse the crisis, the more effective the detoxification?
  • What happens during the “healing crisis”?
  • Intoxication held detoxification?
  • Never without fiber, detoxify!
  • Diarrhea during the detoxification: Good or bad?
  • Detoxify works even without suffering, and torment
  • How to best support the daily detoxification of the body?
  • You will never forget: detoxification should not hurt!

Crises during the detoxification

Have you detoxed before? Maybe everything went well and they felt great. Maybe it went to you but also bad. You felt nauseous and dizzy and had digestive problems. You had to vomit, and sat with diarrhea on the toilet. Her head ached and her heart beat violently.

This could have been a detoxification or healing crisis – so at least States of this type are often explained.

The symptoms may hardly be noticeable, but also very limiting, depending on the detoxification program and Constitution of the Person concerned.

The worse the crisis, the more effective the detoxification?

Often detoxification are evaluated programs, even as the better, the worse it is during the implementation. It is believed that the terrible detox symptoms, the more profound is the detoxification. You believe, before you went through hell, is not a cure is possible.

The result of this is that many manufacturers of detoxification programs provides these in a targeted manner in such a way that the detoxification comply as close as possible to physical Suffering – at least in the US, where significantly more of the ingredients are allowed to be used in Europe.

Whether the reason for the symptoms is actually the detoxification, or whether it’s even the contrary, namely a poisoning due to inappropriate ingredients of the detoxification programs, no one knows.

The fact is however, detoxification does not have to necessarily go hand-in-hand with complaints. Detoxification can also pass completely unnoticed and pleasant.

But what happens for a detoxification in the body? What it is, the Nausea and malaise can lead to severe feeling of illness?

What happens during the “healing crisis”?

Of course, the following explanations are greatly simplified, and in reality, detoxification is very much more complicated. But this would not help us the detailed processes of the understanding the matter is really more:

The liver filters toxins from the blood (drugs, chemicals, heavy metals, toxins of all kinds).

Together with the bile, these toxins enter the upper digestive tract (the small intestine).

The thin intestine, however, is the site of nutrient absorption. This means that most of the nutrients from the food through the small intestine mucous membrane to be absorbed and released into the blood.

Poisons now arrive in the small intestine, then this can – just like nutrients across the small bowel mucosa current skin into the blood and circulate again in the body. We speak here of the so-called enterohepatic circulation.

Intoxication held detoxification?

During a detoxification, the liver distributes, of course, very many poisons, gene gallbladder, so very many toxins in the intestine and, finally, many toxins end up back in the blood, this leads to an acute poisoning of the body.

If you, however, that in their gut already certain dietary fiber and adsorbing substances (such as flea seed husk powder and bentonite )to wait, then the toxins from these can be sucked up and not get into the blood. You are eliminated Once and for all with the chair.

Also fiber from fruits and vegetables (pectin, Cellulose) may absorb some of the toxins and discharging.

Are not present in this fiber, however, what could be, for example, in the case of a pure juice diet the case, especially when the juices are drunk, without the flesh – then it can come to strong detoxification crises. The organism is in this case in a continuous re-contamination.

Never without fiber, detoxify!

You can detoxify without fiber or without adsorbing substances, then you do basically the Following:

A detoxification without ballast substances or adsorbing medium, then, is anything other than recommended.

Diarrhea during the detoxification: Good or bad?

Even worse is that there are many detoxification programs recommend the exclusive Drink of water and fibre-free juices. At the same time strong products are taken to mobilise as many as possible of toxins from the tissues.

With luck, strong sets by case, before too many poisons can re-enter through the intestinal mucosa into the blood.

The diarrhea often comes with severe cramps.

If the subsides by case finally, people say often: “I feel so insanely good, much better than before!”

Apart from the fact that you always feel better when diarrhea subsides, one should not understand detoxification, make sure you make yourself sick, just to feel afterwards.

Against diarrhea is nothing to say, but spasm is not like and painful diarrhea occur during a detoxification, and is also not a sign of approaching cure, but only an indication for the presence of very strong laxatives in the detoxification program.

As part of the diet and also as part of the detoxifying juices can be of course used and have wonderful properties that support to happen every Healing. You should not only be the SOLE food during an otherwise fiber-free detoxification.

Detoxify works even without suffering, and torment

Let not, therefore, believe that pain and suffering during the Entgiftens part of your journey to healing and health, and perhaps even spiritual growth.

Detoxify and Heal should also be able to work differently: Namely, pleasant and so that you can at the same time still engaged in his everyday activities and not sick in bed.

Keep in mind, moreover, that the organism detoxifies every day. Our liver and our kidneys are designed to detoxify every day. Our lymphatic system and our intestines are full of detoxification activity.

Our body has so many mechanisms of Detoxification, we support this by natural means and not diarrhea and Nausea on the Plan should call.

Read also: How do I clean my liver?

How to best support the daily detoxification of the body?

Very simply: the food and adsorbed ballast substances.

Every healthy and natural foods can be seen as part of a detoxification process, which helps the body to detoxify gently and continuously.

Every glass of water detoxifies, each piece of celery detoxifies, each glass of barley grass juice detoxifies, each Serving of Spirulina or Chlorella detoxifies, any physical movement is detoxified, each of the knife tip detoxifies bitter substances and each deep relaxed breath detoxifies as well.

If you add fiber in the Form of bentonite, and psyllium seed shell powder, can be sent to all the toxins in the gut is sucked in and out. How to proceed in concrete terms, read here: How does a colon cleansing?

Of course, this is only possible with a really high quality food and not highly processed, nutrient-poor and contaminated finished products. The latter increase, however, is the chronic poisoning, and Poison storage in the body. They provide an Overload of the system and make only an actual, but nevertheless, a gentle detox is necessary.

You will never forget: detoxification should not hurt!

If you are suffering during your detoxification, then could be wrong in their approach! Please be gentle with yourself and your body! A sick person tormented by one is not. You comforted and cared for him. And that is exactly what you should do with yourself!

A lot of success in your next detoxification wishes to you

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