Doctor recommends eight dietary tweaks to reduce your risk of cancer

Cancer: Doctor confirms risks linked to red meat consumption

A healthy diet can help you shield from a variety of serious health problems, including cancer.

Fortunately, a doctor has shared with simple dietary tweaks that could do this with gusto.

Dr Sunni Patel, from Dish Dash Deets, said: “While there is no single food that can guarantee the prevention of cancer, a healthy diet can certainly help reduce the risk of developing cancer.”

1. Drink green tea

While your go-to choice may be the classic cuppa, green tea is packed with antioxidants, known as catechins, which may offer “protective” effects against cancer.

The doctor said: “Antioxidants help neutralise harmful molecules called free radicals that can damage DNA and other cellular components. 

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“This damage can lead to mutations and increase the risk of cancer.”

2. Use garlic and onions

Packed with sulphur compounds, the popular cooking ingredients could reduce your risk of certain cancers, especially those found in the digestive tract.

What’s more, garlic and onions can be a cheap addition to many different dishes.

3. Eat tomatoes

Tomatoes are a good source of lycopene, which is an antioxidant that may help lower the risk of prostate cancer.

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“Lycopene has been associated with a reduced risk of prostate cancer, among other types,” Dr Patel said.

4. Enjoy some low-fat dairy or plant-based dairy

The doctor explained that consuming low-fat or plant-based dairy products could reduce your risk of colorectal cancer.

5. Limit processed and red meat

High intake of processed and red meats has been linked to a higher risk of bowel cancer, making lean protein sources like poultry and fish more desirable.

Dr Patel said: “If you eat red meat, do so in moderation. NHS guidelines suggest limiting red and processed meat consumption to 70 grams per day or less.”

6. Limit sugary and highly processed foods

The doctor explained that high sugar intake and heavily processed foods can lay the dangerous groundwork for cancer.

Therefore, he recommended minimising your intake of sugary and highly processed foods, including sugary drinks, sweets, and processed snacks.

7. Stay hydrated

Dr Patel shared that this simple yet crucial tip can help maintain your overall health.

8. Drink less alcohol

The expert advised cutting back on alcohol, as excessive alcohol consumption is linked to an increased risk of certain cancers, including breast and liver cancer.

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