Forget goblin, here's how to enter productive 'sprite mode' in 2023

It’s safe to say that 2022 has been the year of the goblin.

From binge-watching Bridgerton to posting BeReals half a day late, we’ve all been embracing ‘goblin mode’ and all the self-indulgent and lazy antics that come with it – so much so, it’s even been christened as ‘word of the year.’

But as we head into the new year, and resolutions are firmly on our mind, many of us are looking to move away from this reclusive, pyjama-lounging and snack-nibbling state for a more proactive progression.

Enter ‘sprite mode’.

The antithesis of goblin mode’s slow and static nature, sprite mode is all about getting stuff done – whether that’s ticking off your to-do list, starting that side hustle, or training for that fitness goal you’ve always wanted to achieve.

So if you’re looking to snap out of goblin mode and be more ‘sprightly’ in 2023, experts suggest a few things to try.

Embrace a new attitude

As we bid farewell to another year, there’s never been a better time to switch up your mindset.

Natalie says: ‘What we are talking about is putting that goblin in the cupboard – the one that zaps your energy and leads you to be angry and resentful about what others are doing – and, instead, putting rocket fuel in your day to take you on a new journey where your goals are clear and you are ahead of the competition.’

Work smarter, not harder

After a year of slow-moving antics, the transition to something more lively might seen daunting – but it doesn’t need to be.

Life coach Natalie Trice stresses making this change doesn’t need to be exhausting.

She says: ‘Being productive and sprite-like isn’t about working harder, it’s about working smarter – so be clear about where you want to be in one, three, six and 12 months and put in place actions that are possible, but also impactful.’

Start small

To get things moving as we head into 2023, start by making small goals of what you want to achieve – to kick-start this productive mentality.

She says: ‘Don’t set crazy goals like going for the CEO role at work if you are an intern, but instead look at tasks you can do each that will help you be more productive so you are learning more, being more visible, and being noticed – so you do get that promotion.’

Think about what you really want

Rebecca Lockwood says the best way to become intentional – AKA less passive – is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do I want to feel every day?
  • What do I want to do with my days?
  • What do I love doing that I want to do more of?
  • Who do I want in my life?
  • What do I want to spend my time doing?

She says: ‘These questions will help you to explore the way you want your life to look and will help you set intentions and goals that are not random – or because you’ve seen someone else doing something that you think you should do, too.’

These questions should help you tap into yourself and into what you want to be doing – in other words, they should help you unlock personal drive again.

Check back in reguarly

We’ve all been guilty of making big plans for the new year and then slipping back into old habits.

But to keep goblin mode at bay, be sure to remind yourself regularly of the plans and ideas you’ve set in motion.

Rebecca suggests the following to do so:

  • Check in with your goals and intentions.
  • Visualise yourself having the outcome you want. 
  • Write/journal as if you already have it.
  • Imagine the feelings you will have when you have taken action and allow yourself to feel this way straight away.

She adds: ‘These actions will help your brain to notice things in your life that will help you stay motivated and moving towards your goals and intentions.

‘Sometimes it may also be that when you check in with your goals and intentions it’s something that is no longer important to you, and this is ok too.’

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