Girl with rare condition signed to modelling agency

She’s already had her first paid job – although the details are currently under wraps.

Maddison’s mum Lidia Sherwood, 33, said: ‘She loves it. She’s a real girly girl and loves her hair things but because of her disability she never thought it would come to anything.

‘It’s like a dream come true for her.’

As well as modelling, Maddison also enjoys acting and has previously taken part in Stagecoach pantomimes.

Most recently she auditioned for a new American Netflix series which called for a little girl in a wheelchair.

Lidia said: ‘She was shortlisted. She got down to the last 10 but didn’t get it in the end.

‘I think it’s good to have these little knock backs. It’s good life experience to understand you can’t always get what you want she always keeps trying.’

Last summer Lidia set up a YouTube channel to showcase how her daughter lives the life of any other little girl and raise awareness of children with other conditions.

A spokeswoman from Zebedee Management said: ‘We are delighted to have Maddison on board.

‘She is a beautiful and charismatic girl and we are confident she will do well. Zebedee is a specialist agency who represent models with disabilities or visible differences.

‘We are working hard to increase the representation of these groups in fashion and the media.’

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