Guacamole Cheese Is The Abomination You Never Knew You Needed

Some foods seem destined for each other, like peanut butter and jelly…and guacamole and cheese?

Beginning Wednesday, May 1, The Fresh Market grocery chain will sell gouda cheese infused with guacamole at all its 161 locations, reported Cooking Light. Amanti Guacamole Cheese blends cow’s milk gouda, avocado, lime juice, chili, tomato, onion, and garlic. The Daily Dairy in Holland is credited with concocting this cheesy mashup you never knew you needed.

Intrigued? Judging from photos, guacamole cheese, well, looks just like guac but in cheese form. According to Delish, a rep for the company says the cheese “has a smooth texture and rich creamy guacamole taste.” The product is a medium green shade and is pretty steep–even for cheese. Amanti costs $24.99 per pound and can be purchased as a full wheel or sliced.

And according to the nutrition information, the new offering is a dream for keto lovers, who follow a high-fat, low-carb diet. It’s made with 50 percent full fat cow milk and contains nine grams of fat and zero carbs per serving. This could be a miracle product to help liven up all your go-to high-fat, carb-free meals.

Not sure how to incorporate this wacky hybrid? Include it as a two-for-one in place in all your Mexican-inspired keto dishes. Add it to your cauliflower rice taco bowl or melt some on top of op pork rinds and chicken for a low-carb, high-fat version of nachos. Or, if you don’t follow a keto lifestyle, add it to tacos or on top of crackers at your next dinner party.

From: Men’s Health US

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