How do we defeat Sport the pig dog

Not in the mood for sports? With rituals, the inner pig dog overcome

Regular exercise helps weight loss and promotes health. However, often it is difficult for the Sport to get up. An expert explains how you can the so-called “inner pig dog” to defeat. Can help rituals.

Many of the German move too little

A study by the world health organization (WHO) has shown that worldwide, almost one in three moved to little. Also, the majority of the German movement of the muffle. Just four out of ten people in this country move enough, such as a Report of the German health insurance by 2018. The most is known, that it would be healthier to play sports, but the implementation is often difficult. An expert explains how to overcome the so-called “inner pig dog”.

The movement of the muffle in overcome

Health experts highlighted the importance of Sport for our bodies.

So regular exercise can help, for example, to reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure or heart attack.

In addition, athletes suffering according to the statistics, less likely to Overweight and obesity.

Nevertheless, again and again excuses why you can train more often.

One of the frequently used excuses not to be outside playing sports, is no longer the last weeks: The spring has begun, and therefore, it is rarely too cold, too dark, or too wet.

To whom this Argument is still not enough, maybe can help some tips that has an expert on hand.

Celebrations rituals around the early sports

Many people start their day with sports. Others say, over and over again: “Tomorrow morning I’m going Jogging”, but when it does, stay in the cozy bed.

How can you manage to overcome the movement of the muffle? There Professor Ingo Froböse can help.

The head of the centre for health at the German sport University in Cologne, recommends celebrations rituals around the early morning sport. “This must be so clean like teeth,” said the expert, according to a report from the news Agency dpa.

“One can’t even think long about it,” said the expert. This meant getting up in the morning, get dressed and run off without the long Lament.

This works best when the running clothes are ready and the running shoes next to the door, and both must be searched.

According to the dpa Froböse even recommends, right after a workout, the next unit to prepare and wash the clothes, clean the shoes and a fresh Shirt. “After the Sport prior to the Sport,” said the expert. (ad)