Infection alert! Mass casualty in Hotel call

According to the speakers of the district of Goslar, 30 of the 400 guests of the Maritim hotel complained about gastro-intestinal problems. The authorities called the "Mass production of Verletzten" from. It is believed that the guests have been infected with the Noro Virus. The Department of health, according to a guest could have infected the other. He is the virus infection "already in Anreise" in worn.

13 persons have been brought to nearby hospitals. Three of them had been transported with Rescue wagons. Other tourists could also be supplied separately in their hotel rooms medical.

Other diseases feared

It cannot be excluded that other holidaymakers in the coming days "under similar symptoms werden&quot suffering;, the health quotes the office Goslar, Germany Dr. Tobias Steffen, the Medical Director of emergency services.

After the completion of the measures, the health Department will take the case. It was important to investigate the cause of the infection and the dissemination of, the authority. "Only after completion of these measures the reason for the stomach-intestinal diseases can safely be named."

In addition, the health Department will initiate, in consultation with the management measures, in order to prevent further spread of the virus infection. In the case of the Noro-Virus is a highly contagious pathogen, the severity of gastro-intestinal disorders can trigger. A typical Symptom of the vomiting and diarrhea.

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