Influencer Anna Victoria on Gaining 10 Lbs. During Fertility Treatments: ‘I Love Both Bodies’

Anna Victoria is proud of what her body can do, regardless of how much she weighs.

The fitness influencer is currently undergoing fertility treatments after struggling to get pregnant, and her newly altered lifestyle means she’s exercising less. Victoria, 30, said in an Instagram post on Tuesday that she’s gained 10 lbs. — but she emphasized that no matter her size, her body is “deserving of self-love.”

Victoria shared two photos — one from over a year ago, before she started fertility treatments, and the other from this past weekend.

“Then: following @fitbodyapp Sculpt workouts which is strength training 5x a week for 45 mins plus tracking my macros to a T. I had about a 90/10 food balance, didn’t feel restricted but was super focused and on track. (Also 1 month before our #TTC [fertility] journey started)” she wrote.

“Now: Some weeks I work out 3x a week, some weeks 2x, some weeks 4x,” she continued. “When I do work out, it’s either a Tone or Sculpt workout, but only strength training, no cardio. My workouts are a lower intensity overall since I’m supposed to be keeping my heart rate down. I didn’t lower my macros so I have been working out less and eating the same amount. My eating balance has been about 70/30.”

Victoria said that as a result, she’s 10 lbs. heavier in the current photo, but she’s not letting it get to her.

“The impact on my self-worth? NONE. I love both bodies,” she said. “You’re not always going to be super lean and you’re not always going to be super on track. But sometimes you will! Both are deserving of self-love.”

The trainer admitted that the fertility process has significantly changed her lifestyle in a way she didn’t expect.

“As most of you know, I’ve been going through fertility treatments for 7 months now (with some months in between of ‘taking a break’) and I never expected something like this to throw me off my routine as much as it has,” she said. “Things happen unexpectedly (to all of us!) that prevents us from being super focused on our fitness journeys, but that’s not the end of the story. It’s not the end of mine and it’s not the end of yours. This is only one moment in time.”

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With the limits on how much she can work out, and to what intensity, Victoria said that it’s “challenging” to hit her old fitness levels, but she’s “pushing through” when she has the energy because it makes her feel better.

Victoria first opened up about her struggles with infertility in February, after over a year of trying to get pregnant with her husband, Luca Ferretti.

“I never thought in a million years I would be here,” she tearfully said in a YouTube video. “I am one of seven children. My mom had all of us naturally, and she was clearly fertile Myrtle, and so my whole life I’ve always dreamt of having kids … I never thought that I would be struggling with conceiving.”

Victoria and Ferretti elected to start fertility treatments in late 2018, and the trainer first talked about her weight gain in April, when she admitted that the extra pounds caused “anxiety.”

“I’m not going to lie and say it’s been easy to ‘just gain a few pounds’ when I know how many people are watching,” she said.

But Victoria’s mindset has improved over the last three months, and she’s now in a better place.

“My journey may not be perfect, but it doesn’t have to be and neither does yours,” she wrote on Tuesday. “I still love my body and I hope you love yours too.”

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