Jenna Jameson Chose to Gain Weight — But Stayed Keto — After She ‘Felt a Little Off’

In 2018, Jenna Jameson was all about losing weight on the keto diet. But now that she’s in a better place with her body, she’s happy to gain a little to find her “perfect weight.”

The former adult film star said that she adjusted her eating habits to add 5 lbs. after feeling not quite right at a lower weight.

“I’ve finally gotten the hang of health. I have found my perfect weight,” she wrote on Instagram. “I had dropped down to 120 and I felt a little off. So I added back calories, but stayed #keto and I’m back up to 125.”

Jameson said that those 5 lbs. made a huge difference.

“This feels like my body is running optimally,” she said. “You can see in these pics most of the change is in my waist… I still have nice muscle in my legs.”

And Jameson — who lost over 55 lbs. by following the keto diet and doing intermittent fasting — said that she stayed in ketosis while eating more.

“The point to this post is how the #ketodiet is easily manipulated to serve you!” she said. “Your body runs beautifully while in ketosis, but if you want to maintain or even add weight, it’s absolutely easy just by adjusting your caloric intake. While in weight loss mode, caloric deficit is paramount!”

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The mom of three went through a huge transformation after starting the keto diet in March 2018 to lose the baby weight that lingered after giving birth to her daughter Batel Lu, 2. Jameson previously hit 125 lbs. in September, and said she had to push away the body-shaming thoughts that she needed to weigh less.

“I think my body has decided this is my ideal weight. 125,” Jameson posted on Instagram on Sept. 9. “My unhealthy mind keeps thinking I need to be 110. I quietly say ‘not today, demon.’ ”

“I won’t cave to those voices that tell me I need to be a size 0 to be loved,” she continued. “When I look in the mirror now I see health and happiness, and that alone is my fuel to continue this lifestyle.”

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