Kayla Itsines: 7 Exercises for a faster recovery

Thus, in the Training, continuous progress can be achieved, it is recommended to an appropriate regeneration phase between the Workout sessions.

In addition to already on-going activities should, however, be also gentle movement units, which can support the development of the stressed muscles in addition, on the Agenda.

The muscles support

This short Recovery Workouts not only help to relieve the pain in the muscles affected strands, but also keep the muscles supple and stretchy.

How beneficial is the targeted Exercises can be, also knows the Australian Kayla Itsines.

The Fitness Influencerin relies on sweat-inducing HIIT and power sports units, which she shares with her nearly 12 million Instagram Community.

In your latest Post, however, shows seven relaxing Exercises which the muscles of the upper body will surely enjoy. All you need is a Mat and a black roll and kann's ready to go!


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Perform each of the Exercises shown once – it’s that simple. You should feel that a Region needs more treatment, you can increase the number of vary by course, of course.

1. Exercises with the Blackroll – 30 seconds each

The two movements, which are executed with the Foamroll, for the benefit of two large muscles in the back: The trapezius muscle and the Latissimus dorsi.

  • You put the top back on the black roll – the feet are drawn up and your arms out in front of the chest placed.
  • Role you are now on the role of front-to-back so that the rubber handles your upper back.

You have the blood circulation in your trapezius muscle is stimulated in this way for half a Minute, now is the Latissimus dorsi on both sides of the row.

  • Turn something from side to side on the roller and keep your arms next to your head.
  • Role you are now in this Position on and off. Make sure that the pressure is applied to the correct place.

2. Exercises for the spine

Both the Cat-Cow Exercise, as well as the Yoga Position of downward dog to target both the strengthening and mobilisation of the spine.

  • Position yourself for the Cat-Cow Exercise on all fours, with the hands approximately shoulder positioned wide.
  • Form by Inhalation a hump. Look to the ground.
  • Breathe out and a hollow form in the cross. Look straight forward and pull your shoulder blades active.

After ten controlled repetitions, it is time to remove you from the Position – more geht's with my dog.

  • Start in the upright support position and sliding your back Deck to the top. Try to bring your heels actively into the ground.
  • Keep the head in line with the torso, and make sure to pull your shoulders active apart.
  • Bend and stretch the legs alternately for 30 seconds.

Tip: If the stretch is in the legs is too intense, or it feels uncomfortable in the lower back, you can leave the knee slightly bent.

3. Standing Exercises

The last three Exercises target the Latissimus dorsi and the triceps and the chest.

Since these Exercises can be carried out quickly, they are ideally suited to care to in the office or on the road shortly for a little relaxation:

  • You to the Stretch of the Latissimus' upright and überkreuze your feet. Bracing a Hand on the hip.
  • Bend your torso in that direction. Stretch out the other Arm as an extension over your head.

After you have held this Position for 30 seconds on both sides, are the arms of the series.

  • Start in the shoulder width. Raise an Arm and curl it behind your head back so that you touch your shoulder blade can.
  • Practice with the other Hand on your elbow, a slight pressure, until you the stretch to feel comfortable.

Also, this Exercise will be kept on both sides for half a Minute each. Finally, the last movement sequence of the Workouts follows. This aims to the lateral Muscle fibers of the chest.

  • Starting position is again the shoulder width Stand. Lead together with your arms behind your back and fold your fingers.
  • Now shift your arms stretched out behind your body as far to the top until you have a slight Pull in the side of the chest feel.
  • After 30 seconds, you can solve you from this position and stop the Training.

Cornelia Bertram

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