Meals at the wrong time damage to our health

When we take our meals, has a large impact on our health

Our diet has been known to have a major impact on our health. Researchers found out now that not only is our food itself, but also the time to take our meals to us, affects our well-being and health.

In a current study of the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) in Cambridge and the University of Manchester, it was found that the time of our food intake has a great influence on our health. The results of the study were published in the English journal “Cell”.

When we eat at unusual times such as late at night, this can affect our internal clock and contribute to health problems. (Image: JenkoAtaman/

What is the impact Insulin has on our body’s internal clock?

According to the researchers, who have carried out the current study, could have the food intake to certain times of especially serious consequences for people who work on a regular basis in inconsistent layers. In the study, Insulin was identified as the primary Signal, to detect which of the internal clock of the body helps, when is the right time for food intake. The release of the hormone during the meal seems to be the stimulation of a Protein to trigger, which affects the circadian rhythm of the cells of the body. If a Person eats an unusual time of day, this leads to a disturbance of the Körperuhr, which can lead to health problems such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 Diabetes. The researchers believe that this new understanding of the role of Insulin may help to alleviate the disorders of the Körperuhr caused damage to the health. This can be achieved by either ensuring that people eat at certain times of the Day or special medicines are used, with the aim of insulin signals.

What is the influence of the circadian rhythm?

In the study, experiments were first performed on cultured cells, after which they were replicated in mice. In the implementation of your experiment with the rodents, the researchers found that the natural circadian rhythms of the mice were disturbed, if they were fed to times of the Day to have a rest of the mice. At the heart of the internal clocks is a complex set of molecules whose interaction allows a precise 24-hour Timing, explain the study authors in a press release. It was found that Insulin, which is released when you eat, it can act as a time signal for the cells in our body. The circadian rhythm of the body affects many of the same behaviors and factors, such as his hormone levels and his reaction to medication, in addition, the circadian rhythm also affects when the body is ready to go, and when he needed food. The circadian rhythm of a Person is synchronized with the timing of their meals, as well as the sunlight that is exposed to daily, explain the researchers.

Shift work and sleep deprivation can disrupt the body clock

It is known that the consumption of meals at irregular hours can disrupt the circadian rhythm. The accurate detection and the body’s response to an unusual meal times have not been studied yet sufficiently. It is important the connection between the time of day to take of we our meals to us, and our well-being to recognise, say the authors. In the study, data obtained suggest that the food can have to wrong times a great influence on our circadian rhythms. The internal clock is disturbed, this leads to negative long-term impact on the overall health. It is already known that the modern society leads to many burdens on our health and well-being. Everyday challenges, which interfere with the inner clock, such as shift work, sleep deprivation and jet lag. (as)