Medical alert: climate change is attracting more and more tropical mosquitoes to the North

Climate change is the Encroachment permits of tropical mosquitoes to the North – to Germany. Thus, the risk for pathogens, such as Dengue, Chikungunya, or West Nile virus is on the rise.

Diseases that are transmitted by mosquitoes or ticks that could occur in the coming decades, more common in Europe. The area of distribution of the Vectors about of Dengue fever, leishmaniasis and Chikungunya are increasing rapidly, warn researchers. New research report on the European Congress of clinical Microbiology and infectious diseases (ECCMID) in Amsterdam.

As reasons for the trend, researchers call, in a communication to the Congress, among other things, climate change and increasing globalisation. These changes made it possible to develop mosquitoes and ticks, new habitats in Europe. In the last ten years, there had been in France and Croatia Dengue outbreaks in Greece Malaria had occurred in Italy and France Chikungunya in many Parts of South and Central Europe, the West Nile fever. Alone from this disease in 2018 in the EU member States have been registered more than 1500 cases.

"We need to prepare ourselves with tropical infections umzugehen"

Longer periods of hot weather prolonged the time window for the spread of such diseases, and beneficiaries of larger outbreaks, stressed Giovanni Rezza Istituto Superiore di Sanitá in Rome. "We need to prepare ourselves with such tropical infections to deal."

Such as sand could extend the mosquito until the end of the 2060er years its area of distribution in France and Germany, reports experts. The mosquitoes may transmit the causative agent of leishmaniasis have been found in Germany, already separated.

"Given the continued spread of invasive mosquitoes and other Vectors in the whole of Europe, we need to anticipate outbreaks early and eingreifen", Jan Semenza European centre for disease prevention and control (ECDC) said in Stockholm. The health authorities should improve the Monitoring and early warning systems set up.