Patient threatens to Overdose pharmaceutical company recalls nationwide Antiepilektikum

Is affected the drug Pregabalin Basics in Strengths of 50 and 150 milligrams, it is an anti-epileptic drug that is used for the treatment of seizures, nerve pain and anxiety disorders. Patients are urged to ask for the funds in the pharmacies back.

The reason for the recall is an error in the indication of the strength on the carton. A taking can lead to a dangerous Overdose.

Both the drug Commission of the German pharmacists, as well as the manufacturer Basics GmbH informed last Friday about the stop sale of the drug. A pharmacist discovered the error of the Identification of Pregabalin Basics 150 milligrams, and reported these as a result.

On the packaging of the drug, the thickness is given as 50 mg instead of 150 mg. A Patient could, therefore, take three times the dose of the drug.

These preparations are affected:

Pregabalin Basics

  • Strength: 50 mg and 150mg
  • Package Size: 98 Capsules
  • Pharmaceutical Central number: 11172299 and 11172402
  • For The First Time Of Delivery: 15. April 2019

According to the manufacturer, Basics GmbH, other batches of the recall are not affected.

What to do if I own the product in question?

Pharmacists are asked to inform patients, who have bought the affected Batch, immediately. Buyer should return affected packs. The purchase price will be refunded.

Pharmacies are asked to check the stocks and send the still existing packs Pregabalin Basics 50 mg and 150 mg, to the following address (postage will be refunded):

Basics GmbHc/o trans-o-flex Logistik-Service GmbH

The Industrial Area South Of The A 12

63755 Alzenau, Germany

For queries, Basics GmbH is available by telephone on 0800 880 3880.

Pregabalin is a Relatively new active ingredient

In the case of Pregabalin, it is an often prescribed drug that is used for nervous disorders. Such as epilepsy, anxiety disorders and neuropathic pain. Pregabalin is approved since 2004, the EU and the turnover was, according to the drug prescription Report in 2009 to 12th place with the strongest patent protected drugs in Germany.

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