Put emergency too late: women heart attack symptoms, often hesitant

In the case of suspected heart attack in women call fast call an ambulance for your Partner – when your heart problems, but they are hesitant. This is the conclusion of Polish researchers, who presented two studies at the Congress of the European society of cardiology (ESC) in Malaga, Spain.

Women would make progress, despite complaints often obligations in the household and family. "We hear again and again that these responsibilities prevent women from to rufen&quot in time for an ambulance;, Mariusz Gasior from the Polish registry of Acute coronary syndromes (PL-ACS) said, according to an ESC-communication.

Accordingly, systems were developed, particularly in younger women, attacks are rare at the recommended period of time than men. This led back to the cardiologist, among other things, to a lack of awareness about heart disease in women. The results, based on the PL-ACS, were presented with a view of the world women’s day on Friday, under the Motto "Balance for Better" calling for the promotion of gender equality in the world.