Report from Federal government pine the Benefit of doubt orthopaedic surgical procedures

The Federal government is skeptical that braces use patients really. Currently, there is “no sufficient evidence for the patient-relevant Benefit of orthodontic services”, – quotes the “Bild”newspaper from a Letter of the Ministry of health to the Bundestag.

A Minister of health, Jens Spahn-commissioned report by the Berlin research Institute IGES doubt, "whether the expenditure in orthodontic care to the criteria of cost-effectiveness genügen", as the "Bild"-Newspaper reported. In addition, it could deliver up to date, no single study the evidence, "whether and what long-term effects of orthodontic treatments on the Mundgesundheit" .

Ministry of health experts talk about the meaning of orthodontics leads

Based on the results of the Federal government, calls on the Association of Federal health insurance companies to evaluate the Benefits of orthodontic treatments, such as the "Bild" writes. This was, according to the Ministry of health to "no state Aufgabe". In a few weeks, the Ministry wants to discuss in an expert conversation, the sense and nonsense of orthodontics.