Shirley Ballas health: Strictly Come Dancing judge to undergo procedure after cancer scare

Shirley Ballas, 59, is set to undergo a procedure on Tuesday, October 29 to remove her breast implants. The decision came after discovering her 17-year-old implants can affect the effectiveness of mammogram screenings for breast cancer. Shirley’s mum, Audrey, 82, was diagnosed with colon cancer last year, and after being warned by a nurse, the dancer’s decision to have her implants removed was almost immediate. Speaking to The Sun she revealed a nurse’s warning that there was “no guarantee that we can ever really see behind the back of the implants” left her fearing for her safety.

I’ve been to a new doctor and I’m scheduled for the operation on Tuesday, October 29

Shirley Ballas

She said: “I’ve been to a new doctor and I’m scheduled for the operation on Tuesday, October 29.

“My doctor says I have recuperation of a week, but I want to do Strictly on the Saturday night.”

Shirley joked: “It’s not like I have to dance and do the cha cha cha or the samba.”

The star also revealed the supportiveness of BBC over her decision to undergo surgery mid-strictly series.

She said: “I spoke to the BBC and they have been very, very supportive.

“They said you have to do what you feel most comfortable for your health.”

Shirley believes her implants have also been causing her chronic fatigue, although there has been little research done into this.

She said: “There are rumours that the scar tissues cause chronic fatigue which I have suffered with even over the last year.

“Usually I don’t get tired and I’m like an Energizer bunny.

“But if they take out the scar tissue it would involve bigger surgery and perhaps a reconstruction.

“But I don’t want any implants in. I don’t want any foreign bodies in my body.”

Breast cancer symptoms

There are a number of symptoms associated with breast cancer, but the first noticeable symptoms is usually a lump or area of thickened breast tissue.

The NHS explains: “Most breast lumps are not cancerous, but it’s always best to have them checked by your doctor.”

You should see your GP if you notice any of the following:

  • A change in the size or shape of one or both breasts
  • Discharge from either of your nipples, which may be streaked with blood
  • A lump or swelling in either of your armpits
  • Dimpling on the skin of your breasts
  • A rash on or around your nipple
  • A change in the appearance of your nipple, such as becoming sunken into your breast

The health body adds: “Breast pain is not usually a symptom of breast cancer.”

I you experience any of these symptoms, see your GP.

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