Spring sun do not underestimate: skin against sunburn protect

Risk of skin cancer: protect skin in the spring sun fire

After the long winter months, the Sunny days of recent weeks to lure more and more people into the open. Sun worshipers should be careful. The force of the spring sunshine is easily underestimated, it’s a sun-fire threatens. Health experts therefore advise to protect the skin now before too much sun.

In the spring, soak up the sun

Spring Is Finally Here! After the long winter months, there is hardly anything more beautiful than the garden, of nature, or to refuel in the Café-a bit of sun. It should, however, exercise caution. Due to the mild temperatures, the power of the sun is easily underestimated, it’s a sun-fire threatens. And as a result, the risk of developing cancer increases. The German cancer aid and the German Association of Dermatological prevention (ADP) rates, therefore, a cautious use of the spring sun.

In the spring, the skin should be protected from too much sun. The intensity of the UV-radiation is often already in April, as strong as in August. (Photo: Knut Wiarda/fotolia.com)

Skin slowly to the sun Season of the year, the rich get used to

Outdoor exercise does you good. The heat and light of the sun, revive the mind and body.

“What we felt at first, however, nothing is ultra-violet radiation, which is in each ray of Sunshine,” says Professor Dr. Eckhard Breitbart, a dermatologist and Chairman of the ADP.

The intensity of the potentially skin cancer-causing UV-radiation is often already in April, as strong as in August.

So now: “get your skin Used to the sun gradually-rich Season, to protect yourself from intense UV-radiation and prevent sunburn,” says Gerd Nettekoven, Chairman of the Board of German cancer aid, in a statement.

Skin cancer risk increases

“UV-radiation changed the DNA of the skin cells and can lead to permanent cell damage. This happens immediately, long before a sunburn is pushing painfully out of the sun,“ explains Breitbart.

In General, the encountered UV to be fixed-the damage caused by the body’s own repair mechanism.

However, if the skin is overloaded by intense sun exposure, damaged cells in the body, which in the course of life, skin cancer can develop.

How strong the ultraviolet radiation days is currently in fact, about the UV Index, which is specified from April to September by the Federal office for radiation protection (BfS) on its website.

The higher the index value increases on a scale of 1 to 11, the greater the risk of sunburn in unprotected stay in the sun. The UV-Index (UVI) are internationally associated with targeted recommendations for sun protection.

During the lunch time in the shade

In April, UVI-values of 4 and more are the rest of our country. This means: “to Keep you going during the lunch time in the shade, let the T-Shirt and use it now sun cream for exposed skin and a hat,” says Breitbart.

“Protect the eyes by means of a suitable sunglasses (marking UV-400),” says the expert.

Also the eyelids need sun protection, as British scientists have reported recently.

Children’s skin needs special protection

Because children’s skin is more sensitive, reacts to UV-radiation than the skin of adults, is a reasonable sun protection is especially important for you.

In order to protect the children from too much sun, should be used according to the professionals of the sun protection with a minimum sun protection factor 30.

In addition, it will equip recommended for children to protect against the UV rays with the UV-a poet of clothes, a hat and sunglasses.

Protective also, if parents, day – care centre or school staff trips and Outdoor events, depending on the UV Index (UVI) lay rather in the Morning or afternoon hours.

Or it is directly shaded break should be scheduled courts, to protection from high UV-to-find radiation. (ad)