Successful study: Coming soon the pill for men?

Prevention is far more a woman’s thing, men had only the opportunity to prevent with a condom. However, the anti-baby pill for men could soon revolutionize the hormonal contraception in our society.

According to surveys, men were more willing to take the oral receptive prevention, provided the side effects are not too strong.

A first study of the Los Angeles Biomed Research Institute, with the newly developed contraceptives has now found out: The men pill is well tolerated and affects Libido negatively.

Pill for the man: the study was

In the American study, 40 healthy men were given either the pill or a Placebo preparation. After 28 days, it was examined what are the side effects of the subjects, suffered from the anti-baby pill got.

The biggest fear of men, the pill may reduce through the reduction of testosterone levels, your Libido, you could be taken: The drug had no effect on the Lust of men. However, as it is to any other side effects?

The side effects of the anti-baby pill for the man

“The pill is a combination of two hormonal activities, lowers the production of sperm, while the Libido remains intact,” explains Dr. Christina Wang at the Los Angeles Biomed Research Institute of the result of the Study.

There were, however, mild side effects such as fatigue, acne, headaches and a slightly reduced sex drive – however, the symptoms were not severe and influenced by their insignificance, the behavior of the subjects is not negative.

The outcome of the investigations should be enjoyed however with caution, because long-term studies are lacking so far.

Further investigation on the pill for the man in the planning

Professor Stephanie Page from the University of Washington in Seattle, was also cooperating in the study, emphasized that the men pill and their side effects were not researched in spite of the investigations.

The reason: after 60 to 90 days, the sperm production in the male, the pill is so small, that you can control safely. Therefore, the studies would have to be adjusted accordingly, on a longer period of time.

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