Talcum powder as dangerous as asbestos

Table of contents

  • The use possibilities are varied
  • The danger is comparable to that of asbestos
  • Ovarian cancer due to talcum powder
  • Babies breathe in the Talk

The use possibilities are varied

Talc is used in many different consumer applications. Most commonly, talc is used as body powder. Talc is the main ingredient of baby powder, medicated powder and perfumed powder. Because Talk is moisture resistant, it is also used by the pharmaceutical industry and is, for example, component of some antacids (used to neutralise stomach acid). Also the powder on some chewing gum contains talc.

Talc is the main ingredient of pesticides in home and garden use, like Flea and tick powder. In smaller quantities, Talk in Deodorants, chalk, pins, colorful, textiles, soap, insulating material, paints, filler for Asphalt, paper, and food processing uses.

The danger is comparable to that of asbestos

In the last 30 years, scientists have studied these talc particles very precisely and dangerous similarities to asbestos found , which is considered to be a carcinogen. It has been demonstrated that talc particles tumors in the ovaries and in the lungs cause.

Although the FDA has already taken in 1973, the decision to limit the amount of asbestos-like fibers in cosmetic powders, but this was never implemented, so that the cosmetic powder is subject to up to today, no such legal regulation. In animal experiments it could be demonstrated that the cosmetic powder, even if it contains no asbestos-like fibres, leads to tumors.

Ovarian cancer due to talcum powder

A study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, found that women who use frequently (between 1x per week to daily) talcum powder in the genital area, have a 40% higher risk of developing ovarian cancer. The researchers found talc particles in ovarian tumors.

Talc particles are able to move through the reproductive system and in the mucous membrane of the ovaries, skin store. Physicians at the Harvard Medical School have found talc particles in the pelvis of a woman when the ovarian cancer was found. She had used for 30 years to the day of talc powder.

In 1982 was published in the journal Cancer, a study came to the conclusion that the lifetime use of talcum powder increases the risk of ovarian cancer by more than 3-fold. Many cancer organizations warn against the use of talcum powder.

Talc poses a health risk if it is inhaled. Miners who mine talc, have a higher lung cancer rate.

Babies breathe in the Talk

Especially in the case of babies, a lot of talcum powder is used because it is able to keep the skin nice and dry. However, the babies and small children are at risk due to the Inhalation of powder dust. Since the early 1980s, there are records that show that several Thousand infants die each year or become seriously ill after they were accidentally, this powder dust is inhaled.

Therefore, it is recommended to refrain from generally on products that contain talc. Women in particular should avoid the use of talcum powder in the underwear.

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