The 9 Best Bullet Vibrators for Beginners

Deciding you’d like to buy your first sex toy and actually buying one are two different things entirely. Because while the former poses only one question — would you like to buy a sex toy? — the latter poses an array of them. What genre of toy would you like to buy? What size? What shape? What color? What features? Instead of losing yourself in this barrage of logistics, consider: the bullet vibrator.

Bullet vibrators are really just tiny vibrators that resemble — you guessed it — bullets. And they make great starter toys, Lisa Finn, brand manager and sex educator at Babeland, tells SheKnows. “Bullets are small, discreet, non-intimidating,” Finn says. “And many are super affordable when compared to other types of sex toys.” Plus, you can use a bullet vibrator just about anywhere on the body. For example, you don’t have to choose between clitoral and vaginal stimulation, for instance — you’ve got both in one, easy purchase.

Though most bullet vibrators come in the same pocket-friendly size range, Finn says many differ in terms of shape, texture, material and strength. “Think about the stimulation that you enjoy. Do you like really direct, pin-point stimulation? If so, opt for a skinnier bullet or one with a tapered head for that spot-on sensation,” Finn suggests. “Do you like broader, more dispersed sensation? Try a bullet with a broader or rounded head, or one with a smooth shaft that you can use sideways along the body.” And if you prefer something more intense, you might want to opt for a rechargeable toy, rather than a battery-operated one, Finn says.

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Just know you can’t really go wrong with one of our favorite bullet vibrators. These are the best ones on the market — the bonus is that many are inexpensive, so you can spend more time experimenting and less money. Enjoy!

Gaia Eco Bullet Vibrator

“Small, discreet, and only $15, this splashproof single-speed bullet makes a great first-time option,” Finn says. “Even though it’s only got one setting…it’s a great option for starters to get an idea of how vibration works with their body.” 

Even better? The toy is crafted from compostable bioplastic, so you can rest assured knowing you’re getting off in an eco-friendly way.

Gaia Eco Bullet Vibrator, $14.99 at Babeland

Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

“There are many different types of bullet vibrators, all with different speed and vibrating patterns,” Sammi Cole, Lovehoney sexpert, tells SheKnows. “But there’s no point shelling out loads of money for a top-of-the-range model if you don’t know whether that kind of stimulation works for you.” If you’re buying your first bullet vibrator, Cole recommends you try a single-speed vibrator, like the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator. 

This model only has one setting, so you don’t have to worry about getting acquainted with a bunch of different features. Instead, you can focus on getting to know what you like — and you can do so without spending a ton.

Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator, $13.59 at Lovehoney


“An amazing beginner vibe at $20, this tiny toy is coated in a velvety plastic that’s waterproof,” Finn says. So you can take your vibrator from the bedroom to the shower without worrying about whether it’ll hold up. 

“With three settings and a discreet lipstick-esque look, Pleasurette is a great choice for those looking to get more bang for less buck,” Finn adds.

Pleasurette, $20 at Babeland

Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibe

“A little departure from your standard bullet-shaped bullet, this rechargeable (and adorable) bullet vibe has two fluttering ears at the tip,” Finn says. Finn adds that the fluttering ears are perfect for stimulating the clitoris and anything around it, as their “cushiony-soft silicone” and “deep rumbly vibrations” are sure to get you off in no time.

Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibe, $59 at Babeland

BASICS Love Bullet Vibrator

Another fan favorite? The BASICS Love Bullet Vibrator. According to Cole, it’s “great for beginners.” It offers 30 minutes of single-speed vibrations. So once again, you can simple focus on getting acquainted with your new toy without worrying about a bunch of features.

BASICS Love Bullet Vibrator, $9.99 at Lovehoney

Babeland Buzz Vibe

“Bullets are also great because many of them can be used in conjunction with other toys, like harnesses that have pockets for small vibrators, or dildos that have an opening for a bullet to go inside,” Finn says. She specifically recommends the hyper-affordable Babeland Buzz Vibe, which was designed to be compatible with several accessories. 

Babeland Buzz Vibe, $12 at Babeland

We-Vibe Tango

“If you like power, this is the bullet for you,” Finn says. The We-Vibe Tango has three speeds and five vibration settings — so you’ll have all kinds of sensation combinations to explore. “This petite powerhouse can really pack a punch,” Finn adds. And that angled tip? Perfect for targeted stimulation. 

We-Vibe Tango, $80 at Babeland

Lovehoney Bedtime Bullet Love Egg and Bullet Vibrator Set

Cole draws a distinction between wired and wireless bullet vibrators. Wireless ones usually have a built-in button that controls the bullet’s settings, she explains.

“A wired bullet vibrator is controlled via a hand-held controller, rather than a push button on the bullet itself,” Cole says. “This type of bullet is great if you find the built-in buttons fiddly, or if you want to hand control of your orgasm over to your partner.” She recommends the Lovehoney Bedtime Bullet Twin Vibrator Set, in particular, because it comes with two vibrating bullets “for extra exploration potential.”

Lovehoney Bedtime Bullet Love Egg and Bullet Vibrator Set, $22.99 at Lovehoney

Crave Vesper

Undoubtedly the most interesting bullet on this list, the Crave Vesper “hides in plain sight as a gorgeous pendant necklace,” Finn says. “But don’t let its chic appearance fool you.” This vibe comes with four settings, and is not just waterproof, but completely submergible. 

“For those who travel a lot, who want an easily accessible toy for a night out, or for those who just love a piece that really makes a statement, the Vesper is a solid choice,” Finn says. Did we mention the toy comes in silver, rose gold silver or 24k plated gold?

Crave Vesper, $69-149 at Babeland

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