The Best Herbs To Relieve Sore Muscles

It’s a new week and you’ve got so many fresh goals, dreams ready to be made into reality, vision boards all shiny new and gym memberships ready to get a good workout…because we all know the many benefits of exercise, right?

Well, before you overdo it attempting back to back HIIT sessions to reach those 2019 #bodygoals, let’s talk about how exercise is really tough on the body. And not just in an ‘oh my god that was a killer session’ tough, but how muscular exercise also promotes oxidative stress on the body. The first suggestion that physical exercise results in free radical-mediated damage to tissues appeared in 1978, and the past three decades have resulted in a large growth of knowledge regarding exercise and oxidative stress.

Now before you say farewell to tomorrows F45 class for being counterproductive and hang up your sneakers for good, don’t fear, we have a solution, and a natural one at that.

Eat your way to cellular protection

Fill your plate with rich foods high in Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Carotenoids (aka antioxidants) to help protect your cells against free radiations.

Antioxidants can be found in several (real) foods and may prevent some of the damage caused by free radicals by neutralising them. Spinach anyone?

Drink your way to recovery

With herbal tea that is. If you can’t stomach herbal formulas (we get it) then sip your way to post-workout recovery bliss with a blend that contains herbs to comate the stress exercise puts on the body. Herbs you need to know:

Licorice: perfect if you’re already feeling stressed and worried your adrenals are feeling a little worse for wear this adrenal tonic herb is a must. It also

Siberian Ginseng: may enhance the body’s resistance to stress, provide support when fatigued and improve general well-being. It will also give your immune system a helping hand.

Rosehip: Feeling sore post workout? Rosehips can help ease inflammation and fan thanks to its anti-inflammatory actions plus its full of antioxidants and Vitamin C.

Turmeric Root: Curcumin (the active constituent of Turmeric that gives it its distinctive yellow colour) has proven to be beneficial in recovery from exercise due to its powerful antioxidant and inflammatory effects.

Skullcap Leaf: loved for its restorative action, this mild sedative and Nervine tonic is perfect to sip post workout to relax both your body and mind. It’s also anti-inflammatory and supports healthy liver function.

Want to get your hands on all of these without the admin? Try Little Wildling Co’s post-workout blend.

Herbs not your cup of tea? Then try drinking a green juice full of veggies and lemon or a good quality green powder.

Happy working out!!

Lee Sutherland is a gal in the know for all things natural medicine, health and fitness. Founder of organic herbal teas Little Wildling Co and Director of Fitness In The City.

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