Three house plants that ‘mop up’ harmful gas to protect your lungs from damage – Dr Amir

Dr Amir Khan discusses health benefits of house plants

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Air pollution seeps into your lungs and this can cause grave “damage and your lungs and exacerbate things like asthma and bronchitis”. Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine, Doctor Amir was referring to the dangers posed by nitrogen dioxide, which is emitted by car exhausts and power plants. The harmful pollutant can also infiltrate your home.

Fortunately, house plants are on hand to help.

“A new study from Birmingham University found having three little houseplants in indoor spaces, particularly if they are well ventilated can improve the quality of the air,” reported Doctor Amir.

During a series of experiments monitoring common houseplants exposed to nitrogen dioxide (NO2) – a common pollutant – researchers calculated that in some conditions, the plants could “mop up” NO2 by as much as 20 percent, the TV doc explained.

The study he cited is published in Air Quality Atmosphere and Health.

Doctor Amir noted that some plants are “better than others”.

The Peace lily and fern are really good at this so if you’re choosing houseplants, those are the ones to go for.”

The researchers tested three houseplants commonly found in UK homes, easy to maintain and not overly expensive to buy.

They included Peace lily (Spathiphyllum wallisii), Corn plant (Dracaena fragrans) and fern arum (Zamioculcas zamiifolia).

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