#Transformation Tuesday: So Mari from the normal has been to the Fitness Influencerin

Current pictures of Mari Llewellyn, the young woman show in a good mood in Fitness clothes on the beach, while exercising or in the summer Outfits on the go in the city.

The 25-Year-old, with over 850,000 followers on Instagram of a celebrity and always yields a deep insight into your life, which is dominated by Sport and healthy food.

In three years, to a healthier I

What one would not suspect at first glance: The young, blonde woman was still struggling three years ago with your weight and your mental health.

With Before-and-After-pictures Mari reported from your previous way, and thus tries to motivate people with a similar fate.

"At the time, I had no Hoffnung", she remembers a Post back. "But not because I was too fat. But because I have not really lived. I allowed myself to be stunned by my life, and I have all avoided what I perceived as stressful."

The fear to miss something

Their downward spiral began in College: by nights celebrated the office of alcohol and Fast Food and lack of movement made by a small layer of fat on the body is noticeable.

"The only thing that interested me in College, were the Partys", Mari schildet this time in a YouTube Video. "I just had the goal to have fun."

The permanent fear to miss something and not be more popular, add to that the divorce of their parents. Mari was emotionally very unstable, and developed a Depression. To weighed at this time you are around 90 kilos.

Medication for Depression

As the young woman finally had to struggle with an eating disorder and self-harming behavior, she got medication for her diagnosed emotional disorder was prescribed for you.

This medication triggered a large binges, half however, some ways to counter negative emotions.

"To felt of the time, I’m no good but no bad emotions. I thought, so gray had to feel the easy life."

During the treatment, Mari to put more and more weight, would say to himself, however, only "aufgebläht" to be. At the same time, her grades fell in the basement, until they finally finished College early to go back home.

With the support of her friend Mari has done it: she is physically and mentally healthy.


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Was home to the rescue

"In retrospect, this was the best decision ever. Because at home, I have discontinued my medications and me a little later like my old self again gefühlt", Mari remembers.

"This was also the decisive point at which I knew I must change something, I just wanted to be healthy and strong!"

And she did: on the Basis of YouTube Videos, you acquired to Know about healthy nutrients and power sports and let deeds follow.

The support you got from your friend who accompanied you excited on your way. "I could never show my weight on the scale lassen", Mari reported. "So I have to keep my eyes and Greg told me how many kilograms I have lost."

Mental health is crucial

About three years of this click-the Moment is now. In this time, Mari has not only established fat and lots of muscles, but also mentally strengthened her Depression she has left behind.

"This journey has not only changed my body, but have made me a different Person: I use my full Potential and set high standards to myself. Now I would never give up again before I have achieved my goal."

In the process, Mari emphasizes again and again what it is like for a decreasing process: "Not the appearance is crucial. It’s about discovering who you really are and what you can afford."

Cornelia Bertram

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