US experts warn: Zombie-disease in deer could infect people

Health experts in the US warn that a deadly infectious disease that is spreading throughout the country under deer, ROE deer and moose, could be transferable to humans.

The “Chronic Wasting Disease” (CWD) is a contagious disease of the Central nervous system, it primarily affects deer and usually ends fatally. In the United States have been documented in at least 24 Federal state since the beginning of the year cases of CWD, according to the government Agency Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

It is believed that the disease spreads through body fluids such as feces, saliva, blood, or urine. Still, there are no treatments or vaccines. It can take years after infection symptoms to occur.

Media and hunter to speak because of the glaring symptoms of a “Zombie”disease. It comes after a infection to a drastic weight loss, lack of coordination, listlessness, Drooling, droopy ears, or a lack of fear of humans and aggression.

Although cases have not been confirmed by Transmissions from animals to humans, so far, experts warn: It’s only a matter of time. They also point to lab resultse.

The pathogen can also infect monkeys

“It is likely that in the coming years, human cases of CWD are documented associated with the consumption of contaminated meat,” says Michael Osterholm, the Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Prevention at the University of Minnesota, on Thursday, according to the “Twin Cities Pioneer Press“. “It is possible that the number of human cases will be considerable.”

Laboratory studies have shown that the disease can also occur in animals whose genetics are similar to human, such as squirrel monkeys, macaques and laboratory mice, such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported.

A study was conducted by German and canadian scientists found that macaques infected, if you had meat from infected deer or elk to eat, as well as deer, the CWD, but no symptoms showed.

What experts are now calling for

“To date, there is no clear evidence for the Occurrence of CWD in humans,” it says on the Website of the CDC. “Nevertheless, these experimental studies demonstrate the concern that CWD may pose a risk to people.”

Jeremy Schefers, pathologist of the Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, studied the disease for years. He calls for a Test for CWD that works even in live animals.

“I’m frustrated that we have not found any strategies to contain the disease,” he says in a press release from the University. “Unfortunately, a quick test that works on live animals, or the ability to make other things such as soil, meat processing equipment, and samples from other animals (the disease, Anm is missing.) in could carry, to the test.”

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