Vaginal bleeding could be sign of cancer as women urged to check down there

It's important to watch for signs of any changes down there.

One thing that women must be wary of is irregular vaginal bleeding.

That's because having this particular symptom could be a cause for concern.

Many don't realise they're ignoring signs of cancer, says a new study from Always, Always Discreet, Tesco and The Eve Appeal.

From their Know Your Normal campaign, the team looked at YouGov data from 2,018 adults.

It was found that less than half (45%) of women surveyed were aware that heavy periods could be a sign of gynaecological cancer.

Bleeding after sex can mean something troublesome and just 58% of women know this can be a symptom of cancer.

Over 31% of women were aware of the types of vaginal bleeding, a number that The Eve Appeal says is "worryingly low".

Athena Lamnisos, CEO of The Eve Appeal, said: "With cancer, early diagnosis is key, and getting abnormal bleeding checked at the earliest opportunity leads to much better outcomes.

"It might not be cancer, but best to rule it out."

There are four types of abnormal bleeding that you should be watching out for: after menopause, between periods, heavy periods and after sex.

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If you're noticing blood outside of your usual menstruation period, it's important to not ignore it.

And if you're experiencing any of these signs, it's vital to speak to your GP or gynaecologist.

Minister for Health, Jo Churchill, said: "It's so important for women to know what is normal for them and it's vital to see their doctor if they notice anything unusual to find out what is causing it.

"We are committed to driving up the number of people diagnosed early with cancer and we are giving an extra £1 billion to the NHS to boost diagnosis and treatment in the year ahead."

To raise awareness and encourage people to check their bleeding, QR codes will be at the point of sale for Always and Always Discreet products in Tesco.

Just scan the code and you'll see expert information from The Eve Appeal on abnormal bleeding and gynaecological cancers.

Every pack of Always or Always Discreet sold in Tesco, a donation will be made to support The Eve Appeal.

For more information on irregular bleeding, you can check the NHS website.

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