Watch Elizabeth Hurley Show Off Her RIDICULOUS Abs In New Instagram Video

  • Elizabeth Hurley just posted a new video of herself in a bikini on Instagram splashing around on vacation in India.
  • She’s wearing a sparkly bathing suit from her Elizabeth Hurley Beach Collection.
  • She maintains her ah-mazing figure by doing squats regularly and incorporating 30 minutes of walking with her dogs into her daily routine.

There’s no two-ways around it: Elizabeth Hurley is body #goals. The 53-year-old (!!) has got it goin’ on and has absolutely no shame in her game—recently posting a slew of bathing suit photos promoting her Elizabeth Hurley Beach collection.

Just yesterday, the mom shared a video of herself on Instagram splashing around in a bedazzled bikini top. The day before? A gorgeous bright red one-piece that makes me want to book a beach vacation (also: maybe do a few crunches), STAT.

Of course, the bathing suits are stunning, but the backdrop for all these water shots isn’t half-bad, either. The actress is currently enjoying some R&R at the Ananda luxury spa resort at the Himalayan foothills in India. With a 25,000 square-foot spa, yoga classes, private pools, and spectacular views—this is the kind of vacation that dreams are made of.

@anandainthehimalayas @elizabethhurleybeach #crystallinebikini 💗

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Last week, Elizabeth showed off her abs in a blue bikini complete with sheer blue robe. And before that? A white cut-out one-piece fit for a queen. A lady’s gotta wonder: what’s this woman do to look so good all. The. time?

Well, she keeps a super clean diet for starters. Elizabeth previously told Women’s Health that her health “secret” is a combination of three small things: “Making more time for exercise, eating nutritious foods, and taking the time to do relaxing activities.”

Small sun bathing break between meditations 🙄 @anandainthehimalayas @elizabethhurleybeach #antibesbikini

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On the food front, she kick starts every day by drinking two mugs of warm water first-thing, then reaches for a bowl of Greek yogurt with banana and honey. For lunch, she’s onto a bowl of vegetable soup. Dinner’s eaten most-often at the office, and usually consists of grilled chicken with loads of veggies.

As for exercise? She admits to doing squats while she brushes her teeth (“I’ve had some lower back problems, so the squats help”) and incorporating 30-minute walks with her dogs to “get her heart rate up.” Also: the occasional yoga class.

Sounds like the ideal fitness routine that makes me question why I signed up for a half-marathon this weekend. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to spend my morning looking at dog adoption websites.

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