Weight loss: This breathing exercise from Japan to make you lean

Some of the stories from Asia sound for European ears, so crazy you can hardly believe. For example, this here: with the Japanese method, one takes alone Breathe.

Lose weight by Breathing?

According to the magazine “Elle” to perform the Exercise in the morning before Breakfast. The mixture of targeted muscle tension and mental relaxation to bring the belly fat slowly melt. It is important, however, that the Exercise is actually performed every day, and it is in no hurry.

And so it goes:

Lose weight by Breathing – how is this going to go?

Although it sounds absurd, take a deep Breath to take off, the effect is quite logical. Fat cells are made up of three elements: oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. The more oxygen the body consumes, such as in the case of this method, by selectively Breathe, the more fat is burned.

To lose alone to Breathe kilos of weight is not realistic, but the Japanese method can help in the long term, lose weight and keep the weight off.

Judith Kerstgens

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