‘We’re doctors – these are three signs on the face you should never ignore’

It’s easy to notice changes on a person’s face, whether it be a new spot, dry skin or a rash.

But some symptoms that appear on the face should prompt medical intervention.

A cold sore

One of the first signs is a cold sore, according to Dr Katy Kasraie, General Practitioner and Aesthetic Doctor at The London General Practice.

She said: “A cold sore that persists in your oral cavity for more than three to four weeks needs further investigation as it could sometimes be due to oral cancer or an underlying autoimmune condition.”

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Flashes or floaters in the eyes

New onset flashes or floaters in one or both eyes need further assessment by your doctor, said Dr Kasraie.

She said: “Your doctor should assess the health of your retina and ascertain if you may be suffering with a retinal detachment, which is an ophthalmological emergency as it requires urgent attention.”

If your face has dropped from one side

This could be a sign of a stroke, according to Dr Angela Rai, GP at The London General Practice.

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She said: “The sooner a person can receive help and treatment the better the outcome.

“A stroke happens when the blood supply to the brain is cut off, damaging brain cells and therefore damaging the brain which then affects how the body works.

“The signs and symptoms of a stroke may vary in individuals as different parts of the brain may be affected. 

“However the symptoms usually come on suddenly and can be remembered by the word FAST.”

Face – their face may have dropped on one side. Check if the person can smile and see if their eye or mouth has drooped on one side.

Arms – There may be arm weakness on one side. Check if the person can raise both arms.

Speech – their speech may be affected and become slurred. Check if the person can speak clearly and understand you.

Time – it is time to call 999 immediately if you see any of these signs.

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