Rebel Wilson Brought to Tears by Psychic Tyler Henry’s Shocking Reading into Her Future

If you are skeptical of the world of psychic mediums, you have never met Hollywood psychic, Tyler Henry. The 23-year-old clairvoyant is a client to celebrities who want to connect with their loved ones who are no longer among the living. In Tinseltown, he is the most sought after psychic for his powerful and accurate psychic reading abilities. He has read into the future of Sofia Vergara, Megan Fox, Iggy Azalea and many others. He even foretold the cheating scandal between Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods two years before they met.

Henry only focuses on sensitive information you cannot get on Google or elsewhere in the world. Along came Aussie actress, Rebel Wilson, who wanted Henry to read into her future. Things didn’t turn out well for the actress and she almost cried over the prophecy surrounding her family.

Funny girl Rebel was emotional when Henry talked about a medical condition her mother is suffering in Australia. Rebel didn’t even tell him that she was suffering from gallbladder attacks.

She kept that secret before he revealed it in his Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry’s first episode of Season 4. Poor Rebel, she became a believer after hearing the presentation from Henry. It was an emotional state for the actress after the reading.

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