Bench It Like Beckham! Inside David and Brooklyn’s Workout Routines

Bench it like Beckham! If celebrity trainer Chase Weber sounds familiar to you, that’s because he’s trained celebs including David and Brooklyn Beckham, Shay Mitchell, Naomi Campbell, Catt Sadler, James Corden, Stephanie Shepherd and more.

Not only has his 3-3-3 Method (a mixture of strength, power and stability exercises) proven to be results driven, but the fitness guru believes that A-listers are lining up to train with him because of the mind, body and spirit connection that he incorporates into his technique as well.

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“3-3-3 focuses on movements based on strength, power and stability and it takes place in three rounds, three sets, and three times through,” Weber says. “We’ll go through a 15-minute warmup and then during the three other 15-minutes, you’re working at a high-intensity pace and getting through the first round in five minutes, the second round in five minutes and the third round in five minutes. … Every movement is interchangeable and it can be catered to beginners or to people who work out often.”

Regardless of your level, Weber makes sure his clients have a good time when hitting the gym with him. “I want my clients to feel like they’re coming to the club when they’re coming to train with me. I don’t act like a drill sergeant. … I crack jokes and talk about real-life situations,” he tells Us. “I want them to feel like they’re going to do a hard workout, but they’re going to be having fun while doing it and talk about things that matter to them and then the hour flies by.”

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Two clients that he always keeps it real with: Father-son duo David and Brooklyn Beckham. “I started training David around four years ago. When David comes in to train, his main goal is to make sure he’s still strong. He does a lot of cardio and cycling, so I give him a workout that isn’t too much, but caters to his needs.”

“When Brooklyn first came in, he was a bit younger, so he was like, ‘I want to get in shape.’ We built a rapport and now I see him as a little brother. … We always give each other advice on things,” Weber reveals.

The Beckhams’ favorite moves? The 44-year-old soccer star is all about bench pressing and his eldest son likes to sled. “With David, we’ll find a bar that has parallel bars and because he has a wrist injury, we’ll press like that,” says Weber. “Brooklyn likes to push the sled because you have to have a lot of power to do that and move it quickly.”

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To get in shape like them, the trainer recommends that his clients see him three-four times a week if they’re looking to build strength and four-five times a week if their goal is to lose weight. He also notes that taking some off-time from the gym is equally as important. “On days off, I tell my clients to take time to recover. You need to take care of your body and rest is very important people don’t get enough of it,” he explains.

If you can’t make it in for a private training session with Weber, he says you can still practice 3-3-3 at home. “I’m a big fan of doing a step back lunge with a towel, pushups, squat jumps, yoga poses, elbow planks or running in place and jumping rope.”

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