Bindi Irwin May Be Besties With Her Daughter Grace, But the Tot Is Looking More Like Her Daddy Every Day

Bindi Irwin’s daughter Grace is looking a whole lot like her daddy these days.

Bindi’s mom Terri Irwin took to Instagram to share a few sweet selfies the 25-year-old took with her 2-year-old, that they look thick as thieves and cute as could be. “I love my girls.❤️,” Terri captioned the carousel of photos.

In one shot, Grace is hugging her mama while pressing their foreheads together, and in the others, the tot is smiling her little kid toothy grin at the camera. As she’s getting bigger, she’s starting to look more like her dad, Chandler Powell.

The set of her eyes, the shape of her head, her plump cheeks, and her high forehead are identical to Powell’s features. Grace even appears to have gotten her milk chocolate-colored curls from her dad — although her deep brown eyes and button nose are totally her mama’s.

While many people marveled at Grace’s resemblance to Bindi, quite a few are in agreeance that she’s Powell’s doppelganger. “She looks exactly like Chandler🙌,” one fan commented. Others wrote, “Definitely daddy’s mini me😂,” “Grace looks a lot like her Daddy ❤️,” and “Wow she looks more and more like her dada!”

A few fans even pointed out the similar features the toddler seems to have gotten from her late “Grandpa Crocodile,” Steve Irwin. “Crickey! She looks like Steve with those little teeths😂❤️🙌🔥,” a fan wrote.

Though she may be leaning more in favor of her dad, we love that Grace’s image emulates several of her family members and keeps the crocodile hunter’s memory alive.

Before you go, check out all the ways Bindi Irwin’s daughter Grace is following in her mama’s footsteps.

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