Chrissy Teigen Shared A Video of Baby Esti’s ‘First Kiss’ & It’s Hilarious

First kisses are a big deal in any person’s life. But what is usually a private milestone became a very public display for Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s daughter Esti. In a video shared on Instagram on Tuesday, Teigen and Legend give Esti a smooch on either side of her face, much to the squishy-cheeked infant’s dismay.

“first kiss 🥪 !!” the TV personality captioned her post.

While Teigen and Legend lovingly lean into the kiss, Esti — who looks all cozy in floral pajamas and a light pink sleep sack — fusses to push her parents away. It’s quite possibly her first display of, “You’re embarassing me, Mom and Dad!”

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Nearly 260,000 followers liked the sandwich kiss (Teigen and Legend are the bread, and the 6-week-old is the adorably edible filling), even if Esti didn’t feel the same way.

“She’s like ‘ What the ?? Can someone please save me?! ‘ 🤣” one commenter said.

“I could watch this hundred times! 🥹” another said.

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