James Marsden Reveals How His Kids View His Movie Star Status: 'They're Proud … But I'm Dad'

James Marsden is letting the world in on his kids’ thoughts and feelings toward his Hollywood career, and it’s fair to say that the way we see The Notebook actor is not how his kids view him.

During a conversation with PEOPLE at Saturday’s Directors Guild of America Awards, Marsden joked, “My kids have always been, in the best way, kind of wonderfully underwhelmed with what I do.” He continued, “They think it’s cool and they’re proud of me, but… I’m Dad. They like me to be Dad.”

The 27 Dresses star, who shares his eldest kids, Jack, 22, and Mary, 17, with ex-wife Lisa Linde, and his youngest son, William, 10, with ex-girlfriend Rose Costa, also mentioned that while his kids don’t really seem interested in following his footsteps, he would support any path they’d like to pursue. “My daughter has [interest in the film industry], but my boys, not yet. Not so far,” Marsden explained. “My daughter is… a very, very talented young lady, and so we’ll see. We’ll see. I wouldn’t discourage them for sure,” he said.

The Westworld actor and his kids keep a pretty low profile, but the foursome did make his Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie premiere a family outing. On the red carpet, the actor spoke of his kids with PEOPLE, explaining, “My challenge [right now] is to take a break for a second and actually pump the brakes. It’s great to have all this work and Covid shut down everything for a good year and a half. But then when it came back, it came storming back, which was awesome and I’m so grateful to be working, but right now it’s like, I’m having to make sure I stop occasionally to take a breath, reintroduce myself to my children and live some life.” 

Even the world’s most rich and famous struggle to create a work-life balance with their kids!

These celebrity kids are giving their parents a humbling reality check by having zero interest in their movies.

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