Kailyn Lowry Slams MTV for Portraying Her as a ‘Bitter Baby Momma’

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry Opens a New Window. took to Twitter on Sunday, March 24, to slam MTV for continuing to portray her as a “bitter baby momma.”

The reality TV star started off her tweet storm by asking fans, “Y’all wanna talk about filming and s–t cause I’m so mad I could spill some tea.”

She then went on to detail a recent conversation with producers of the hit series.

“Mtv calls me up to discuss season finale after not filming my house stuff or my surprise party they knew about for a month,” the 27-year-old explained. “Talkin bout they want me to do a boudoir shoot as the season finale.”

“Kiss my ass,” she continued. “All the s–t I’ve been through and been doing and taking my kids on spring break, building house or party….. trip with @TM2LeahDawn isn’t good enough for my finale???”

“I’m only valued for getting f–king naked??????” she fumed. (Lowry had posted racy photographs of herself Opens a New Window. from a boudoir shoot on social media earlier this month that showed her lying naked on a bed.)

Her fans responded to the outburst, with one suggesting that producers only show Lowry’s struggles, while other Teen Mom stars’ stories “focus on the good things.”

“I have struggled, y’all have seen it. I haven’t always made good choices. But I’m getting my s–t together. Started my company. Own a house, building another,” the mother of three tweeted, later adding, “I don’t ever sit on my couch & talk about my baby dads as much as I do when MTV is asking. I feel like that’s such a smack in the face.”

Recent episodes of Teen Mom 2 have documented Lowry’s drama with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez, who is the father of her youngest son, Lux, 19 months, as well as her refusal to speak to ex Jo Rivera, with whom she shares son Isaac, 9, after he demanded more child support.

“Drama sells but from what I see the happy stories/tv personalities have a bigger following & more opportunity. Am i wrong?” she concluded. “At what point can I stop being portrayed as a bitter baby momma?”

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