Kidstrology: Your March 2019 Parenting Horoscope

This March, we have a big event happening; Uranus is moving to Taurus. What, you haven’t been waiting for this monolithic moment with bated breath? It only happens once every 84 years, after all! Oh well: Regardless of your anticipation or lack thereof, big changes are a-comin for your whole family, according to your parenting horoscope this month.

“For young children, a ‘no-no’ period can start,” Kabbalistic astrologer Rachel Schwartz tells SheKnows. “For older children, [expect] rebellion and extra stubbornness.” Also expect some communication mishaps — and screens that won’t cooperate — due to Mercury retrograding for the first time this year in Pisces. The spring equinox will bring the hope and fresh new energies, so say buh-bye to those winter blues.

“Earth and water kids are going to be pushed to change in a more easy way, while the fire and air kids might demonstrate more rebellious and stubborn qualities,” Schwartz tells SheKnows. Mercury retrograde is a great time to reflect while communicating, though, so maybe try extra hard to turn some of your kids’ screen time into IRL face time, okay?

Read on to see what else the stars have in store for you and your kiddos this month.

Aries: March 21 – April 19

March is a great month to hang out with new friends, and your little ones are going to want more social activities than ever. It’s a great time to teach them about sharing with others and introduce them to a more global care consciousness; do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

“On the 5th, Mercury is going into retrograde, which can make your little ram feel extra confused and foggy. For your teenager Aries, they will be able to connect to a more intuitive, creative and a spiritual vision,” says Schwartz.

“Uranus is the second house, starting a seven-year process, so it might shake up your kiddos sense of safety. If your little one shares new fears or worries, work with them on finding courage within themselves,” adds Schwartz.

The spring equinox on the 21st brings a sense of livelihood and new exciting energies to start over. Spring-cleaning can apply to more than your closet.

Taurus: April 20 – May 20

It’s a big month for Tauruses everywhere; Uranus brings a long period of change, including many opportunities and a lot of electric vibes. Help your little bull by showing them that change and flexibility are the best keys for a good life — even when it’s not always super-comfortable.

“The ruler of Taurus, Venus, is moving into Aquarius, which will help the little guys connect to their real dreams and hopes. Encourage them to tell you what they would want to be or do now or even when they are older. To the older kids, it’s a good time to ask, ‘What can we do to make those dreams and hopes come true?’ Let’s always remember that they should connect to a meaningful purpose and not just to what brings comfort or ease,” Schwartz tells SheKnows.

Because Mars (the planet of war) is also in Taurus (dun-dun-dun), it’s important to allow as much outdoor time as possible to release energy and encourage sports and games that have maximum movement. “Otherwise, the energy of Mars, which is feisty and argumentative, can make anger and frustration escalate,” warns Schwartz.

Gemini: May 21 – June 21

“Venus gives a great opportunity for your kiddos to do well in school; now might be the time they’ll ace that test or fall in love with learning a whole new topic. You might want to take advantage of this newfound thirst for learning and suggest a new after-school class,” Schwartz suggests.

Uranus will give your Gemini the power to find the truth from within. So if your little twin asks you a question, enable them to find the answer on their own and teach them that the answers are all within them. Because Uranus is all about change, now is the time to help transform any anxiety of obsessive behavior your tot might be exhibiting into something more productive.

“Mercury retrograde in their 10th house will be a great time to give them more responsibilities and will show them that you can combine fun and playfulness with chores and work,” Schwartz adds. It’s important to communicate clearly this month and let go of the Fortnite, YouTube or whatever screen time occupies their curious minds.

Cancer: June 22 – July 22

“Because Saturn is in their seventh house, the little Cancers might have some difficulties with friends and expressing themselves in the next few months,” says Schwartz. Help them by encouraging them to be social, bring playdates home and take them to birthday parties they are invited to.

It’s a good time for the bigger kids to start volunteering and being involved in community service. “If school is a bit challenging, then it’s time to check choices, maybe a different class or extra help is required,” advises Schwartz.

“Older kids will need to look into career choices and maybe change some decisions. Allow them to reexamine what they thought was their path. Even though Cancers are very sensitive, this month, there is a potential to get the intuition through the emotions. So encourage them not to dismiss feelings, especially if they are consistent and not coming from a place of fear or childishness,” Schwartz says.

Leo: July 23 – Aug. 22

“Venus, the planet of love is in your little lion’s seventh house this month, and Jupiter is in the fifth — both are connected to love and relationships. So it’s a great month to teach your Leo how to take care of other people, how to give real love and be at others service,” Schwartz tells SheKnows. Leos love to love, but they don’t always love to serve. It’ll be a great month to change that. Helping Mom and Dad, taking on more chores in the house — anything to get them to give to others.

“On March 7, Uranus is moving into the Leo’s 10th house. This is very powerful, as it has to do with authorities and father figures. It’s really important to pay attention to the rebellious energy that can arise, work on their relationship with their father figure and know that it’s a big time for finding their real identity and desires. Because Uranus is going to be there for seven years, your little Leo is going be very different at the end of that transit,” Schwartz reveals.

Freedom (and maybe even opening a new small business of their very own) will be a Leo teen’s desire this month. Allow them to connect to that freedom and entrepreneurial energy they experience.

Virgo: Aug. 23 – Sept. 22

“Jupiter is the fourth house of your little Virgo. It’s a great time for an emotional expansion and some serious family time. Because Virgo children need a lot warmth and physical touch, it’s a great time to indulge them with loads of it. It’ll help them connect to their more secure side and deeper emotions,” Schwartz says.

“Mercury, their ruler, is retrograding throughout March. It’ll make it harder for them to communicate, but it’s a great opportunity to help them find other ways to express themselves — maybe more gently and softly,” says Schwartz. Don’t be afraid to challenge your Virgo when they aren’t clear. Ask them again to explain, but be patient.

For your older kids, this is a good month to change eating habits and add some exercise into the mix. Relationships from the past might appear, and it’s a good time to check on their friendships and the balance of giving and receiving in them.

Libra: Sept. 23 – Oct. 22

This is a creative month for your little Libra; drama, art or music is a great area to invest their creativity in. “Relationships are finally getting a break after a long period of instability,” Schwartz says, “and although Venus will make your kiddo’s heart more open, there is still a present Saturn that is not allowing a complete release of emotions. “What can you do to help? “A good practice would be to play games that help with expressing emotions, and if it’s done in a fun, light way, even better!” advises Schwartz.

“The new moon in Pisces is in the sixth house on March 5, so it’s important to make sure to incorporate exercise and that food and snack intake are being controlled,” says Schwartz. Help your little Libra to make healthy decisions based on their intuition and guide them without being too pushy. 

Scorpio: Oct. 23 – Nov. 21

Venus is awakening your kids to do something awesome to your house. It’s a great time to start a project — building something, painting together or changing up their room. “For the little ones, it could be something as simple as making a picture to hang in their room,” Schwartz says. There is an opening to receive some good news about family — maybe a sibling on the way or getting a pet. “Because Scorpio kids are very strong and truthful, the fact that there is a strong Pisces energy from Mercury, Neptune and the sun means it’s a great time to use your intuition to help,” says Schwartz. “Watch them for secrets and hiding important information, because even though they feel the truth, they also feel it’s their power to keep it hidden,” Schwartz warns.

“Uranus is going to move to your Scorpio’s seventh house and can bring a sense of isolation and separation for your kids,” Schwartz says. Encourage them to form new relationships or at least maintain the ones they have. “It’s a big month, especially for the kids that are at the beginning of the sign, because Uranus moving to Taurus will bring a big push for transformation,” Schwartz tells SheKnows. Encourage them to go with the flow, and not reject things right off the bat. It will benefit them in the long run.

Sagittarius: Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

Mercury retrograding in the little Saggie’s house of family can create some misunderstandings with the people they’re closest to. “Be aware of it, and try to make communication a priority. Other ways to communicate can be found and maybe even learning something that they started and didn’t finish,” advises Schwartz. It’s definitely the month that can teach them more tact and sensitivity to others needs.

“Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is in Sagittarius, which means that it’s a lucky year for them altogether. They should learn something new, travel and might even have a spiritual experience. Uranus is moving into their sixth house, which is related to self-care and eating habits. It’s a great time to start a dance or sports class, and remember that you are what you eat,” says Schwartz.

Capricorn: Dec. 22 – Jan. 19

“It’s a great month to help the Capricorn connect to their true intuition. You might not know it, but Capricorns are actually very intuitive when they overcome their worries.

Because the Pisces energy can bring some heavy thoughts, your little mountain goats can be impacted too,” explains Schwartz. Don’t let them get down in the dumps. This is the month to show them fun and light activities, like funny movies and playing outdoors. 


Aquarius: Jan. 20 – Feb. 18

Venus is in your little one’s sign this month. Add Jupiter in the 11th house, and now is the time to meet new friends, enjoy art classes, make new connections and just enjoy what this world has to offer.

“Mercury is going into retrograde in their second house, which can be a great time to check in and communicate with your kids about values. Aquarius kids love their friends, and it’s the perfect month to teach them that real relationships can and should be deeper,” Schwartz advises. Being an outside-the-box thinker is a blessing, and they don’t need to conform just to be liked and have friends.

“Uranus is moving into their fourth house, which might lead to detachment from home or a rebellious spirit. We know that the way to avoid arguments is by creating a stronger push for intimate discussions, so don’t be afraid to pull them aside for a real heart-to-heart,” Schwartz says.

Pisces: Feb. 19 – March 20

Happy birthday month to your little Pisces! “Creative” is the best word to describe this month for them. “The genius spark that Uranus is bringing will help your Pisces think outside the box and bring ideas that, as their parent, I recommend you encourage to manifestation,” Schwartz advises. 

“Your little sensitive fish is impacted by Mercury retrograde and might find it hard to express all that is happening inside. Neptune in their first house adds to their creativity but can make some drama and confusion and maybe even the occasional lie,” Schwartz warns. Make sure you teach your little one the difference between illusion and reality and the value of truthfulness.

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