Paracetamol during pregnancy increases the risk of Asthma?

Paracetamol is not expected to increase the risk of Asthma to the unborn child. This was the result of a recent study. Although children are infected more likely to have Asthma if their mothers have taken during pregnancy Paracetamol. The increased risk is, however, even after taking other pain relievers, which had a completely different, a report by researchers Seif Shaheen from Queen Mary University of London. You assume, therefore, that there are yet unknown reasons for the connection between analgesics and Asthma.

Shaheen was the first scientist who discovered a link between taking Paracetamol in pregnancy and an increased risk of Asthma in the offspring. “This relationship has now been demonstrated in a number of studies in different countries,” explains Shaheen. So far, however, it has only been researched very little about the use of other analgesics during pregnancy and subsequent asthma diseases of the children.

Together with Catarina Almqvist of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and her colleagues Shaheen drew on extensive data from Sweden. From different registers they gathered information from nearly 500,000 Pregnant women, as well as the fathers and children. Then, the researchers searched for possible factors that influence the asthma risk, as they report in the “European Respiratory Journal”.

Pain medication of the father has no influence

No statistical correlation, the doctors found between the intake of pain medications by the father and asthma, and diseases of children. This makes it unlikely that the increased asthma risk due to genetic, environmental, socio-economic or life style factors can explain the mother and father share.

Instead, the scientists registered a connection with various pain-killers, the mothers in pregnancy revenue. Up to the age of five years, the asthma risk of children increased

  • 50 percent in the case of Paracetamol,
  • 42 percent in the case of opium-like painkillers and
  • 48 percent for migraine medication.

Because these drugs act in very different Ways in the body, the researchers suggest that the observations can not with the drugs themselves, explain. “For example, women who take prescribed pain killers to suffer, probably to chronic pain,” says Shaheen. The associated physical Stress in Pregnant women could potentially affect the children.

Paracetamol was the most commonly used painkillers in pregnancy, says Tobias Welte of the University of Hannover, the President of the European Respiratory Society is and is not participating in the study was involved. According to surveys, the drug swallowing are to 73 percent of the women who are expecting a child.

“Therefore, it is important to know whether it can be a cause of Asthma in children,” says Welte. The extensive analysis suggest that there is no simple cause-and-effect relationship between Acetaminophen and Asthma. “This means that pregnant women need to do this, should Paracetamol be prescribed.”