2 2 4 formula and the belly is in twelve weeks – a guide

In a few weeks, five inches of waist circumference to lose. This not only sounds fantastic – it is thanks to a simple Fitness formula even possible.

Sports scientist Dr. Dr. Michael Despeghel has set the foundations for a successful abdominal workout.

Here are the three rules:

1. Endurance training improves fat metabolism.

2. Strength training increases the daily Calorie basal metabolic rate. In addition, the abdominal and trunk muscles strengthen and the posture is stabilized.

3. A proper diet means less calories for the body.

If you combine these three factors, the result is the 2 2 4 formula. This means: 2 Times moderate endurance training per week. These include Nordic Walking, Jogging, Swimming or Cycling, for example. Also, you should make 2 Changes light strength training at home. In these 4 days, it is important to pay attention to a healthy diet. The remaining three days of the week you may be sinful and sports lazy.

Weight loss success in twelve weeks

2 2 4 formula have tested over 150 subjects. And already after twelve weeks, her abdominal circumference decreased an average of five inches.

Increased abdominal girth is unhealthy

The more fat on the hips sits, the greater the health risk. Especially men with a waist circumference of 106 centimeters are at risk. In women over 94 centimeters, everything is questionable. This is because the love handle does not interfere optically, it can also have harmful consequences: type 2 Diabetes, fat metabolism disorders and increased blood pressure. In addition, the risk of a heart attack increases.

The formula of the sports scientist is not only the right way for a healthy lifestyle, but also to feel good.