56 million children could die by 2030 from preventable causes

From preventable causes such as malnutrition and lack of health care, a media could die, according to a report by 2030, up from 56 million children. The newspaper “Saarbrücker news” reported on Monday, citing a statement by the Federal government to a request of the Greens on the implementation of the UN Convention on children’s rights. A total of 150 million children are on the world are still chronically malnourished and 50 million “acutely malnourished”.

To have the improvement of health conditions for mothers and children of Germany paid in the year 2017, according to government figures, a total of 572 million Euro, the newspaper wrote. Recipients were bilateral, multi-lateral organizations. Children need to be protected around the world live finally getting better, and in the center of German foreign policy brought, asked the human rights expert from the Green party, Kai Gehring.

A “challenge” is, according to the government, the fate of children in armed conflict. Children are “particularly vulnerable to the violence and systematic violations of international humanitarian law”, – stated in the opinion. More than two-thirds of all children worldwide experience various forms of violence.

The situation of children on the example of Yemen

What is the impact of war and violation of international law, shows an example of the situation in Yemen: There all of ten minutes to die, according to information from aid organisations is a child from the consequences of preventable diseases and malnutrition. “400,000 children are malnourished, life-threatening defect and could die any Minute,” said Unicef regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, Geert Cappelaere, the end of 2018. More than eleven million children were instructed in the civil war, the country on humanitarian aid.

The UN has most recently presented in September of last year, an estimate of how precarious is the Situation for children worldwide. Although the infant mortality rate is currently as low as never before, experience is still millions of children to their fifth birthday, in 2017 worldwide have died of 5.4 million children under the age of five, says the report of the United Nations.

Were added to the 2017 almost a Million deaths of girls and boys between five and 15 years. A total of 6.3 million children and adolescents under 15 years of age died. “This is an average of one death every five seconds,” said the children’s Fund, Unicef. Many of the deaths were by simple means such as medicines, clean water, electricity, and vaccinations avoidable.